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respectperfection.com guestbook

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: devilstrain
date: Monday September 1, 2008
comment: Hi!
I'm very happy that this website came back!.
It's amazing!.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tim
date: Saturday December 29, 2007
comment: Eric Sardinas is one of the greatest slide guitarists of all time and not in just the genre of blues. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite guitarists of all time.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: john south
date: Tuesday December 4, 2007
comment: where the hell is tammy!!!
this is a site for sardinas-get the hell out ,all the irrelevants assholes!!! jerk off somewhere else!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Michael
date: Thursday September 27, 2007
comment: I saw eric live down under in Australia in 2003 for the first time .man he blew me away.Please come back.have a look at my photos of Eric Live at the Byron Bay Blues festival 2003.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Shark
date: Wednesday July 11, 2007
comment: I just wanna to find large picture of Eric's washburn Resonator.... But it is so damn hard... If someone have that guitar on large picture please send them on e-mail idisaster@gmail.com

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Lee
date: Friday April 6, 2007
comment: Hey Eric? and the band? Remember that night you guys (recently) played the Chrome in Vegas? I was the Johnny Winter fan in the black t shirt. I wish I had made the second night but I was too tired. Amazing set you three did buddy.hope you liked the Johnny gift c.d? Im trying for Temecula. your the man Eric! Amazing player! Uncle Lee. and thanks for the pic. I know you all were tired. Lee.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Monday March 12, 2007
comment: hi tammy,

came by to say hello.... you stll have the best e.s site better than his own... hope all is well and i always look forward to your updates!

eric r

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Jayneric
date: Wednesday January 31, 2007
comment: Amazing player...Very cool site. My roots are in hip hop and beat production with a foundation in Tenor saxaphone and classical guitar. I was tooling around the net one night looking for sample of bottleneck guitar for a song and I stumbled on clip of Eric playing a few demo songs for a guitar magazine DVD insert. Changed my perspective on music. Now I play bottleneck guitar and pray that one day before I die I will be half as good as this cat.
Keep up the good work on the site. Again, it is very well done. Props to cock rock!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: LisaVilask
date: Sunday January 21, 2007
comment: Hey I must say - very well done. really

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: valentina
date: Sunday January 14, 2007
comment: ehy guys!!!eric is coming to italy in march! im so excited ...it is going to be my 5th concert of eric! last one was some weks ago in connecticut!!! see you in roma on march!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Uncle Lee
date: Friday January 5, 2007
comment: Hey Eric? Do you ever pop in here? Great Site. Listen man? You remind me of Robert Johnson? But pumped up on Steroids! The Canyon Club gig was just unreal. opening for Johnny? May the Heavens Bless you and the band. Uncle Lee.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: johny g
date: Thursday December 28, 2006
comment: daniel ortega, can u please contact me?

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: johnny g
date: Monday November 6, 2006
comment: i wanna buy washburn es 20 ,i prefer a used one.Anybody 's got one,or anybody has played ?

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Debbie
date: Tuesday October 31, 2006
comment: Tammy,
Thanks so much for the great weekend. My kidneys may never be the same after the ride home from Longbeach. Our seats were great at Cozy's and as usual Eric put on a great show. Long Beach was good too, but I did miss seeing the fire on the bar. Hopefully the band will get some well deserved rest before touring again. The new CD and DVD should be really awesome. I can't wait for it to come out.

PS: Do I really walk like a cowboy when I'm drunk?

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Riccardo
date: Sunday October 29, 2006
comment: Hi, I'm Riccardo, 21, Italian!
the site is amazing, i have to do you my compliment..!
I have seen Eric Sardinas 5 times,, the first time I saw him was in
January 2004, but I already listened to Treat me right album!
I saw him all times in Italy, the last time in sardinia..last 20
why sardinas come to italy so often?
anyway every time i listen to his music, and in particular every time
i see the show, i reallygo crazy!!!
When i read your words on the website on the page welcome message, i
thought i wrote these words, i feel tha same man!
have a good time..

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: vaifan90
date: Saturday October 21, 2006
comment: My story is similar to yours. I didn't know Eric Sardinas at all. But one day I saw him live and I was blown away. I went to a Steve Vai concert in Cologne with my brother, and a friend of him. The concert was 5 hours long and the opening act was...Eric Sardinas. I thought: Who's this guy? He looks freakin' cool with his cowboyhat and his steel-guitar. But who is this? When he started playin' I knew it. A virtuoso. A god of Bluegrass, who absolutely controls the art of slide! Damn, I was so blown away. Especially when he started playin' with a bottle of beer. After 2 great hours, I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. It was amazing. And after this: 3 hours of Vai. No need to say, that this was the best day I've had in my life! When we went home, my eyes were still wide open, as if I had seen an angel or somethin' like that. I bought "Devil's Train" last week. I have to say: Buy all of his records! You'll luv them!

About the site:
I'm really glad, that I found this website. It's so cool and detailed. Greetings from Germany! Rock on!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: John Foster
date: Wednesday October 18, 2006
comment: I first saw these guys play at the Studio Cafe in Newport Beach. I think it was around October of 1995. Nothin' like hanging out by the Boardwalk and popping in for an Adios Mother and some killer guitar. Damn, I miss that place, the hotties, and those killer shows. Keep rocking and I hope to catch up with the band again at the Coach House.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
date: Thursday October 5, 2006

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sender
date: Saturday September 30, 2006
comment: Hey dude,

Great site! im a big van of eric and i saw him in the programm of steve vai on 18th octoker 2005 in hardenberg NL

Rock your teeth out!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Richard / ericsardinas.co.uk
date: Sunday July 9, 2006
comment: Hi All,

Eric Sardinas is embarking on a UK Tour in July / August!

JULY '06

07/26/06 London, UK Borderline

07/27/06 Bilston, Wolverhampton, UK Robin 2

07/28/06 The Musician, Leicester

07/29/06 Northwich, (TBA)

07/30/06 Maryport, Cumbria, UK Maryport Blues Festival


08/01/06 TBA

08/02/06 The New Roscoe, Leeds

08/03/06 Kyps, Poole

08/04/06 TBA

08/05/06 The Forum, Bath, UK (Int'l Guitar Festival)

08/06/06 University Spa, Bath (Workshop 10am)

For further info please check out the UK Fan Site:


Thank you,


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Maike
date: Friday June 30, 2006
comment: Eric is playing on Walter Trout's new album "Full Cricle" (Track 3: Firehouse Mama). Check it out!!!
Love, Maike

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: angelbluesbaby
date: Wednesday June 14, 2006
comment: please update the sight. New picts & tour dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: louise
date: Sunday May 21, 2006
comment: hi levell! just wanted to again tell you how great it was to see you and the band again at blues on grand. As always, you put on a show to remember.

am waiting on baited breath until you and the band once again play in des moines.

peace & love,


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: lorelie
date: Saturday May 20, 2006
comment: I know why 1987 was your favorite year for music, because I was there. lovehugsandkisses

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: John T. Greece
date: Thursday May 18, 2006
comment: YOU are perfect!Eric is god!
Anybody has got the bootleg dvd "live in Madrid 2003" or any othe video plz e-mail me
at nikozar@hotmail.com

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tommy Tobin
date: Tuesday April 25, 2006
comment: Hi everybody!
I just thought that you all would like to vote for Mr. Sardinas in this poll.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Alena
date: Monday April 17, 2006
comment: you have very nice guestbook and website

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: George
date: Monday April 17, 2006
comment: Great music-keep it comin!

Jazz & Blues USA-themepublications.com

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: valentina
date: Sunday April 9, 2006
comment: hi!!!ive seen eric three time, two of which in italy, and recently in spain, Bilbao!!!i love his music, his style and listening his music gives me the energy, the desire to travel around the world seeing all his concerts!!!
someone share with me these feelings???
vale, roma

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tommy Tobin
date: Wednesday April 5, 2006
comment: ...and I forgot to mention, Eric is also mentioned at lenth on the official Rory Gallagher site. You have to google it to get to it. On the "Meeting Place" is where you'll find the LOOOOONG eric sardinas thread. I think that because of my thread that I started,He's sold a few cds.
You're welcome,Eric.
I know that you're a Rory fan,too.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tommy Tobin
date: Wednesday April 5, 2006
comment: FYI all: Eric has just been added(thanks to me!) to worlds greatest guitarist poll. Please vote often. Thank you.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: christopher
date: Sunday March 19, 2006
comment: have seen eric when he was opening for steve vai i sweden!!!!he´s a f*****g amasing guitarist!!!probably one of the best i´ve ever seen!!!!keeep on rockin´

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: justina
date: Wednesday March 15, 2006
comment: i seen eric in clearwater iowa he was opening for walter trout, we drove from mpls mn. he blew my mind. we were at the first table so it was fantastic i would like to see him come to mn if he did i know people who would go.you are awesome eric

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: rockincop
date: Wednesday March 15, 2006
comment: the first time i saw eric was at gererations in south st louis county two years ago. i was so shocked my uncle and i drove 100 miles west to columbia mo to see him at martinis the next night. i used a vacation day from work and everything. last may i received an awesomely rockin birthday gift from eric. he played bbs on my b-day! hopefully i will be attending the memphis blues festival this may. anyone goin? i'll see you there!!!!! thank you eric. i promise to always respect tradition.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: cherry bomb
date: Thursday March 2, 2006
comment: Oh my god!!! I have to recover from the shock I've just suffered! Please, Eric, shave that thing off!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: angelbluesbaby
date: Tuesday February 28, 2006
comment: Hey, whats this chris angel look a like ????? Also beard & must.. cool rock on Mr Sardinas..

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Jennifer Wojcik
date: Sunday February 26, 2006
comment: Eric:
I am a huge fan. I especially enjoyed Gamblin' Man Blues with Honeyboy Edwards and Sweetwater Blues on your albums. I am presently working on a paper for a PhD program and just finished an academic paper comparing your music to Robert Johnson--comparingthe styles of slide guitar. I think you are amazing!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
date: Thursday February 16, 2006
comment: Eric, just wanted to tell you and your band that you guys freaken rocked at the Freedom Rally in Algona in 2005. Its taken a while for me to get here but, if you would like your matches back, I would send them to you in a half a minute. Everytime I see them I think of your bad ass self up on stage rocken the whole place like non other and wondering if they had a special meaning to you?....Drop me a line if you need them back and also let me know if your play'n at the 2006 Freedom Rally in Algona. Shoot let me know all your projects for 2006 for that matter, I would love to hear and see you again. I THINK YOUR THE NEXT J.S. if not better.....YOU ROCK ERIC!!!!! not to mention very good look'n.

glad to be a newbie to your site and your music.......rachelle

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Alex Ruffini
date: Tuesday February 7, 2006
comment: Check out my website: www.2starsphoto.com & don't forget to sign my guestbook too!
You will find some cool pics from Eric...

See YA!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: andelbluesbaby
date: Monday February 6, 2006
comment: Want any info on the feb 4 show in longbeach? What did he play & how did it Go ???????

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: cherry bomb
date: Sunday January 29, 2006
comment: Have a look at www.jemfest.com for a free download of an interview with Eric. It's a 35 min. video from September 2005! Enjoy it!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: angel
date: Friday January 20, 2006
comment: eric performing May 7 06 @ the royal 66 club in Mountain Home Ar. waiting on contract from rick.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Moe
date: Wednesday January 18, 2006
comment: Seen the band several times in Phoenix, Eric is unbelieveable. Also one of the nicest people you will meet in show business.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sonia H.
date: Friday January 13, 2006
comment: Los Angeles and surrounding area people. Mark your calendars....Saturday, 2/4/06 @ The Blue Cafe

He's Baaaaaaack!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sonia H.
date: Thursday January 12, 2006
comment: Does anyone know where Eric's going to be next? I keep checking his "Tourdates" link and there's been nothing going on since November! I don't blame him for taking a break, though. I'm sure that kind of touring can be pretty extensive.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: jana
date: Monday January 2, 2006
comment: I saw and met Eric twice in the Atlanta area ERIC WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK??? I have never seen anyone play the way this guy does, AWESOME!!! By the way cool site

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Dean Reynolds
date: Friday December 30, 2005
comment: Seen Eric in Sydney at the Metro, 2001 I think. He supported Jonny Lang. I had heard his cd, Treat Me Right, previously but that didn't prepare me for what I was gunna witness. He blazed out and just tore the place apart, it was an absolute incredible show. Everyone was in shock. Is still to this day one of the best shows I have seen. We both stood at the front and made the most of the experience. Lucky I'm not jealous, as my wife Tammy was impressed for different reasons. Anyway we cannot wait for the next time he visits Australia. Oh yeah Jonny Lang was pretty good too.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Mark RedWing
date: Friday December 16, 2005
comment: cool site, it was pretty awesome to see Eric and Steve Vai play together last spring.It was an awesome show! Hope we get to see more of this wild slide player

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Belila
date: Wednesday November 30, 2005
comment: Tammy:

Glad to see you're keeping up with the site. Drop me a line amiga.


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Nick
date: Saturday 26 November 2005
comment: When I saw the show at Massey Hall / Toronto / Ontario.... I was actually stunned. I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears. I didn't blink.
So, I've been checkin' the tour dates since then for anything that comes within 1000 km reach....but no clue yet. Please , have mercy

Oh , if I could only play like Eric ?????

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: JessieNYC
date: Saturday 26 November 2005
comment: Hey, I saw ES Band in Modena and Pordenone Italy (Sept. and Nov. respectively) and the show was awesome! Not to mention Steve Vai,of course.. the whole experience was AMAZING. Just wondering why this site doesn't seem updated with the latest tour dates (OK, it's over now) etc.. I guess this Guestbook is the latest news? Anyway, still a great site! Thanks!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: CARLA
date: Saturday 19 November 2005

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: The Webmistress
date: Friday 11 November 2005
comment: About the spam that has been flooding our guestbook... I have been searching for a solution, and since none exists that I could find, I created my own. If the countermeasures I've deployed block your attempted post, please email me with the entries you tried, and which were rejected. This will help me tweak the fix.

I hope these changes will automatically prevent spammers (and spambots) from junking up this space in the future.

Wish me luck...


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: alex
date: Monday 31 October 2005
comment: i saw eric on the vai tour in london an he jus blew me n my mate away, we both been obsessed since and recently started a band of a similar style, nice work on the site

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Richard Booth
date: Thursday 27 October 2005
comment: Hope everyone has caught shows by Eric and the band on the recent Steve Vai tour. Eric had tremendous reception at each show on the Steve Vai UK and European tour.

I have updated my UK fan site news section with an exclusive competition and message from Eric, plus live photos from his shows in Wolverhampton and Manchester.

An interview which I conducted with Eric on the afternoon of the Manchester show will be up in a few dates..



Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Hannah
date: Wednesday 26 October 2005
comment: yea... ok, tis me again, (hannah from the I uk) im sorry, i just had to express my happiness to others that would understand...

I went to see Eric on my birthday! was so blown away, his playing is in a league of its own. i was sitting there with my mouth open (catching flies) for most of it just in amazement. we met him too! it was such an honour, he kissed me on the cheek, i think i probably fainted--->
Anyway it was that good we traveled to nottingham two days after just to go see him again, this time i took my black pearls cd so he could sign it (and i managed a good few pics too) YAY! He gave my friend (who is obsessed with him as he plays guitar) his pick, he was so stoked, he's his hero.
I love this site, its a great way for us fans to express our gratitude for good music. I am truley thankful i've had the chance to see Eric live, and i truley want more chances to see him again. its changed the whole way i listen and think about my music
I think i'm in love...
keep up the support

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Hannah
date: Tuesday 18 October 2005
comment: Goin to see Eric in a couple of days over here in the UK (on my BIRTHDAY i might add)... can't wait, i'm so excited! Have been a fan for a few years now, totally in love with his music, totally changed blues for me (in the best way possible). I've just been waiting for him to come around. He's on tour with Steve Vai, so its even better !!
I'm really lookin forward to seeing him live, i've heard he can kick Vai's ass! setting fire to stages/guitars and the like :)
keep up the support
Much love from the UK
Hannah Turner

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: D o' S from da 'Hood (Temple)!
date: Friday 30 September 2005
comment: Girl!

What is up with you?? We need a Diva fix here, BAD!! Updates, please!

I hope life is heading up since last we chatted. Hope to hear from you here or via the cell or email (you do still have the number and address, don't you?).

Love from the Midwest!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Jerome
date: Monday 26 September 2005
comment: The best fan site I have ever seen!! This should be the official site!
I like your sense of humor...
Great work!
- Jerome

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Breezy Marie
date: Tuesday 16 August 2005
comment: Hi There! Just saw Eric at Bluesfest for the first time in Duluth last weekend, HOLY sheep shit! I can't believe I had never heard of him before. After seeing him I ran over to the Merchandise Tent and stood there with my boyfriend scrounging up all the money we had left over (still coming up a dollar short but the cashier got sick of us counting all our pennies and change and told us to go away) just to get a copy of "Black Pearls" and waited in line for an hour and half for him to sign it. He must change drummer and bassists quite frequently? Because they wern't the same guys on the album. But I had a blast, I hope I can catch him again. He was so energetic and magnificant, he gave new meaning to the word blues, he made it so Heavy and Raw, so intense. Awesome.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Muddy Walters
date: Tuesday 16 August 2005
comment: Hi Tammy,
Just came across your site. Great site. One little thing, there's a drummer you are missing on your list of band members.
I saw Eric at Blues on Grand in Des Moines, summer 2001, and he had this English guy on the drums, Darren Edwards his name was, he signed my CD. He was really great, more rock, a lot like Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, very exciting performer.
Just thought I'd add that to your already very informative site.
Tom "Muddy" Walters

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: tanjuju
date: Sunday 14 August 2005
comment: You are a true fan....very easy to see from this website....I've met you at a couple of gigs.....I've been following Eric since the early days at the Blue Cafe when he played there on Tues.nights when only us girls would show up and party our asses off. Those were "the good old days". Dang you Eric, why'd ya have to go and get famous...now I have to deal with the crowds wherever you play.....I am sooo proud of that man!!!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: teo
date: Tuesday 9 August 2005
comment: ola, finally i got on yer site..great site..you dont know how difficult it is to find something about the great eric here in Italy...i wasn't shocked the way i been at an eric's show, here in milan, since i was a child...
keep on rockin man, it seems nobody on the net has the right focus on this unbelievable artist..
teo, milan

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Macavity
date: Monday 25 July 2005
comment: Hi everyone from Spain,
I was a couple of months ago making a long trip by car with a friend when I found the Black Pearls. "Sardinas" means "anchovys" in spanish, quite weird, so I thought it was sort of indie-pop album. My friend smiled when he notice my curious face and said, "come on, hit it, you're going to like it".

Needless to said that we where hearing the CD in repeat mode for almost five hours nodding and claping fingers like stupids...

Thank you for the web. I think it's great from the "disclaimer" of the splash page till the end.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Saturday 23 July 2005
comment: tammy... your site..... still.........THE BEST!
keep it up.

eric r

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Jackson
date: Monday 6 June 2005
comment: Just out of curiosity, has Eric been smashing guitars at all of his latest shows. I know he did in Tulsa.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Rich Booth
date: Sunday 5 June 2005
comment: Hi Eric,

Looking forward to catching up with you again on Steve Vai's forthcoming UK tour!

Tammy - Excellent site with up to date news and superb photos!

Best wishes,


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Larry
date: Thursday 2 June 2005
comment: I most recently saw Eric with Steve Vai in St Paul. I don't think most people knew who Eric was, but when they left, I know they will never forget him. Words can't describe him. A must see.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Abrahamsen1000
date: Monday 30 May 2005
comment: I went to Seattle from the Bahamas, where I live, just to see Steve Vai in concert. I thought Vai was the greatest. Lo and behold a guy who I never heard of opened for him named Eric Sardinas. He blew me away! I thought he put on a better performance that Vai, even though Vai was playing with Billy Sheehan. Go figure

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: BluesyK
date: Sunday 29 May 2005
comment: Hey Eric! Hope all is well with you, Levell and Patrick. I saw the show at Blue Cafe on May 20, 2005. Please know that you are appreciated for the great musician that you are! I know that you play from your soul which is a gift that not many have. May you be blessed with abundant success! I truly hope you come back to the Blue Cafe. You will be shown lots of love and RESPECT. I can't wait to see you and the new band take your performance to new heights. Take care and God bless.


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: wildflower
date: Sunday 29 May 2005
comment: Good job keeping up to date on Eric!!!:) Some of the text on the site is mixed together where words and info are on top of each other, though. Probably just a tech glitch that will be fixed soon I hope:)

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Linda
date: Friday 27 May 2005
comment: This site rocks! You do a wonderful job here webmistress. I hope my own site might be half as cool as this one some day. I've just started a site with photos of several different bands, I have photos of Eric from the past 2 years Oklahoma Blues Festivals. I'm just an amateur but you're welcome to look if interested - www.blueapril.com

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: nicelitlgirl
date: Sunday 24 April 2005
comment: Wow, this site is 10 times better than Sardinas's official homepage! Love the info (up to date, which has been sparse in my web-searchings tonight) and the fun 'n games. Your rules before entering the site are classic!

Webmistress Tammy, you are obviously a sexy intelligent humorous person--Hope to see you at an Eric Sardinas show sometime!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: DeAnn
date: Thursday 24 March 2005
comment: Tammy,

I love this site! Wonderful job! I finally had the chance to see Eric in action last weekend in Myrtle Beach. TOTALLY blew me away! I've been wanting to catch his act for ages ever since you first sang his praises. You have excellent taste in music, so I had no doubt in my mind that I would love him. Our seats were awesome; had a very clear and unobstructed view of Mr. Sardinas!! Miss ya! Hope all is well with you!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Ninja
date: Wednesday 23 March 2005
comment: well, waiting too long to see Eric back in the UK - went to Milan to see him last month, Blues House, the club owner Marcello treated my son and I like royality - what a night..!!! Eric just blew us away with a 2 hour set...

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: frankie
date: Sunday 20 March 2005
comment: man, i saw sardinas and his band play march 16 at house of blues in orlando. he was opening for steve vai and i never heard of him before. this guy was one of the most amazing performers and guitar players i ever heard. his music just blew me away. i loved the performance so much that when i got home i ordered all his cd's cause the line was so long at the concert.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: nick
date: Sunday 20 March 2005
comment: !st time seeing the band last night...Awesome show and he must come back around alabama/georgia...

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Tuesday 8 March 2005
comment: tammy,

i hope all is well.. i miss your updates on e.s
your site still is the BEST...


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Maggie
date: Monday 7 March 2005
comment: I'm feelin' kinda down because another year goes by without seing Eric & the Band here in Oz! Guess I'll have to do a special trip to the USA next year to get my levels up.
Guys, if you read this I have a suggestion for a song on the next album. The old Screaming Jay Hawkins song "I put a spell on you" this is a sensational song! Covered in the seventies by Creedence & a great 2001 version with a middle eastern flavour by Natacha Atlas, however I think Eric could really do something exxxtra special with it.
Love you & missing the live vibe.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Dave from England.
date: Saturday 5 March 2005
comment: Great site. I am relatively new to Eric's music. Eric really has a great feel for the blues. Anybody can play blues but to play it well takes something special. Eric is special. I cannot wait to see him play in England some day.
I am a huge Johnny Winter and a big Rory Gallagher fan and Eric is up there with them!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Anonymous
date: Wednesday 2 March 2005
comment: The Music in amazing delta waves .This was the most fun ive had at a concert in along time. And then there he was standing behind me. A TRADITIONAL blues man he shook my hand and we spoke about guitars but of course he signed my ticket and made a fan for life!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Angela DeBerry
date: Saturday 29 January 2005
comment: Hello Eric, You and your band are the greates band around. I have been missing entertaining updates. Went are going to be back in ST.Louis?

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Thomas Søborg
date: Wednesday 26 January 2005
comment: Simply the best.I have never se him live!we are wating for him in DENMARK,Hope some day he will come? GREAT SIDE.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: StratMan1963
date: Saturday 25 December 2004
comment: Dearest Tammy Sue,
I danced around your site and it is mavallos. I love the pictures of you; especially the one with the 1963 Strat that your Mommy bought for me. Impressive to say it all.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Bad Angel - Bren
date: Wednesday 22 December 2004
Ok.. one more.. because.. It's my favorite pic .. that I took over the weekend.. Amazing Amazing man he is...

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Bad Angel - Bren
date: Wednesday 22 December 2004
Site looks great girl.. You give a lot.. got tons of photos for ya.. call ya over the weekend.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Anthony "Fav Bartender"
date: Tuesday 7 December 2004
comment: Hey I'm mentioned in this web site and the dress did look great. By the eric and his band rocks, plus they are all great super nice guys. How refreshing. Keep on Rockin.


P.S. You never mentioned what beach

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Mitzi
date: Wednesday 27 October 2004
comment: Great site. Respect perfection indeed. Saw Eric first this time last year in Oklahoma City. Didn't think I liked the "my woman treats me bad, etc." full blown blues until then. Who knew. Instant fan, and that doesn't happen often in this slightly jaded life. Saw him for the second time just this month in Ardmore, Okla. He's now officially on my list of people not to miss if at all possible. Right up there next to Keith Richards, Stanley Clark, and Victor Wooten.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Borja
date: Wednesday 27 October 2004
comment: heeeey,
I´m from Spain. I´m a Sardina´s fan. anybody can tell me where i can find eric´s tabs thanks

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: neal
date: Friday 22 October 2004

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tami
date: Monday 18 October 2004
comment: Hello Tammy and all you Eric fans. I'm still floating on cloud 9 after this weekend. I want to share it with you guys because I know you will appreciate it! I went to see Eric at the Harvest Moon Blues Festival in Georgia. This was the 4th time I've seen him. His show was just amazing as usual. To my surprise we were allowed to take video cameras to this festival so I recorded several of his songs. It was so very hard to just stand completely still (no tripods allowed) and record the whole time so I didn't film the whole show. My boyfriend got to do an interview with him after the show and I actually got to go on his bus!!!! :) He remembered meeting me before. He is so humble and seems to be such a nice person. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing Eric Sardinas!!! I hope he comes to your town soon!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Edith
date: Tuesday 12 October 2004
comment: Baby!! Miss ya lots! This site just rocks...have I told you that lately?
One month tomorrow and Eric hits Toronto again. I can't believe it'll be a year on Oct. 17 since I last saw him. Getting ansty, I tell ya!
Just wanted to say hi- I'm getting a new calling card this weekend...be prepared!
I'll definitely send ya pics from the Nov. 17th show - assuming I remember to take the camera!!
Miss ya!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: K-Bell
date: Sunday 10 October 2004
comment: Hey Tammy!
Great web site! i Love comming to it and stuff! yeah anwho i just wrote you an e-mail check it when you can! and write me back! i Love you bunches!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: LisaR
date: Tuesday 28 September 2004
comment: Thank you, Eric, for playing in Lucerne Switzerland! My Accidental Tour Guide, I would have never experienced such beauty if Eric's appearance there didn't give me the inkling to go. So great to see Eric in front of a huge crowd. I hope he knows I kid him about being a European "rock star" out of love because it's absolutely bewildering that he isn't bigger here in the US. If anyone is poised for mainstream recognition - without losing musical integrity - it's Eric Sardinas. Looking forward to the time when he's too big for this old lady to shake his hand after the show. It'll be soon!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Maggie
date: Sunday 19 September 2004
comment: 2003 Byron Bay Blues Fest Australia.
I was reborn as the devoted slave to Eric Sardinas and found my Mojo which had gone missing. I can't tell you how happy my husband is!
I love you Eric, come back soon.
This site is absolutely fabulous sweetie!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Bob C
date: Saturday 18 September 2004
comment: This site was a great find. I've been a fan of Eric Sardinas for about two years.I do'nt have his latest CD yet i can't wait. That man is pure Energy.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Thursday 9 September 2004
comment: tammy,

can your e.s site get any better??!!!!!!!

you always rock!!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Noelle
date: Wednesday 8 September 2004
comment: Hey.....This site is really awsome......I am actually Pauls neice...and I think that all this support is great......I would be happy to relay any messages you have for paul or the band because I think they are an awsome band as well........just e-mail them to me...id be happy to!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: JB
date: Sunday 29 August 2004
comment: me and some friends drove 300 miles just to see Eric Sardinas at the Roots Festival in Paola, Kansas. He is a BAD ASS!!!! This is the second time to see Eric live, and definetly not the last!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Ninja
date: Thursday 19 August 2004
comment: cool site - I was lucky enough to see Eric here in Scotland in March 2000.... man, is he ever coming back....?

Keep up the good work here, i'll be a regular visitor - take care,

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Albert
date: Wednesday 18 August 2004
comment: Hi there people... The guys are just back in Barcelona... We had a great show last night and are expecting a greater one tomorrow... This time, though, I'll get a little away from the amplifiers, cos my ears still feel the buzz...

Always a pleasure to have Eric Sardinas and the band around...

I'll see if I can post some pictures in this site...


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: david gutierrez
date: Sunday 15 August 2004
comment: hello blues rockers!
i saw eric sardinas when he played at the mean fiddler in london and he was amazing! i am waiting for him to come back to uk.
that concert was one of the best i ever seen, it was wild rockin blues at its best, i love the sound of the dobro,especially when he was playing it on top of the fire.
he didnt play any ballads, that's the way i like it.
keep rockin , david

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Mirjana
date: Sunday 15 August 2004
comment: Hey people! Eric is really great and I am sorry we didn't hear them in Slovenia! But the band and the crew are great! Thank you Erick for your great music and many, many kisses to you all from Croatia!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: max caldarelli a.k.a. stratomax - italy
date: Friday 6 August 2004
comment: great site,men ! i love it.
i'm one of the biggest fan eric has in italy and with my band "blues express" we play many eric's song.
thank you for your great work.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sue
date: Tuesday 29 June 2004
comment: Hi Tammy,
Where have you been? I miss your entertaining updates!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Northern Admirer
date: Friday 25 June 2004
comment: Web Mistress,

Lookin' for more updates. What's da buzz?? Ya been busy or sumptin?? ;)

Keep rockin' , Mein Diva!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Christopher Belila
date: Monday 21 June 2004
comment: Tammy:

Great site I see you've been busy.


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: DAMAGE
date: Monday 21 June 2004
comment: Ciao boys! I'm from VERONA,ITALY!!!
lunedi 2 agosto eric in concert at FIAMENE festival!!! Io e la mia band apriremo il concerto per lui quella sera! magnifico...

webmistress translation of DAMAGE's entry:

Hi boys! I'm from VERONA, ITALY!!!
On Monday August 2nd Eric will be in concert at the FIAMENE festival!!! I and my band will open the concert for him that evening! magnificent...

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: C.
date: Saturday 12 June 2004
comment: Really cool stuff!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: david bb
date: Friday 11 June 2004
comment: hello, people, i'm a spanish boy, i can't see the concert to eric in barcelona, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't recorded in video and it's incredible.
the next year i have a copy to eric
bye. ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Kristin(K-Bell King)
date: Monday 10 May 2004
comment: Hey aunt tammy,
wut has been going on? nothing much here...i miss you so much...i found your pic. it was right where you said it was!!
I cant believe so many ppl visit your site..and who it is!:S....lol...any ways...talk to you later!

Kristin King

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sam Sasso
date: Thursday 6 May 2004
comment: Hey my blues band is opening for Eric Sardinas on the 22nd of Maay 2004 @ the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. Everyone should come down and check it out.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Sergei
date: Sunday 25 April 2004
comment: Hey, if you see Eric, ask him: "Hey man, we are waitin' u in Moscow, Russia!". He is an awesome guitarist... I'm waitin' for more albums!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Krunoslav Markutovic aka Dj Krunodlak
date: Sunday 11 April 2004
comment: Damn right he's got the blues !!
For me, he's new mesiah - the one who will awake all that sleeps !
Welcome to the age of Sardinas !!!
Greetings from Croatia

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Alexandra
date: Monday 5 April 2004
comment: great site- definetly the best site of Eric i have seen.

First time I saw his show in Rijeka, Croatia, March 27,I was suprised with his energy and in some way, he changed my life. He reminded me about things I have forgotten. I thought that never again i can feel someone's music like when I was younger and had an open heart. but that evening brought me back and i felt like my heart was open again. I have read other people's experiences about his music and I'm not the only one -he really makes people feel happier and younger :)

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Wednesday 31 March 2004
comment: hi tammy,

i always love to look at your site..
better than ever!! one thing i notice about eric s he now covers all the labels of his equipment... i love that!! he has great bussiness mind....

when you have time would you e-mail me.. i misplaced your address...

keep up the good work..

and e.s needs to come up to norcal.. you have been up here since jan 2003
and i am 'jonesing' to hear e.s live!!!!!!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Damir
date: Wednesday 31 March 2004
comment: Hi Tammy!
First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Damir and I play the piano in the best Croatian country band, if I am allowed to say it so openly. Who wants to know more about us, please feel free to visit www.crooksandstraights.com
Anyway, it's not the reason why I'm here. As it is, I saw an Eric Sardinas gig for the first time in my hometown of Rijeka, Croatia, last Saturday, March 27. I can only say that the guy is a stunner. If you want to play in front of an unhospitable crowd, then come over here. But he kept everybody on their feet for two and a half hours. Trust me, here in Rijeka, it's quite a feat.
Well, I made quite a bunch of photos at the gig. If you'd like me to send some of them over to you, or upload them, just let me know. But I guess you'd like to see them first and pick the best for the uplaod if you have that in mind.
Keep the good work for the sake of real music.


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Respect Tradition (Uk chapter)
date: Monday 22 March 2004
comment: Hi Tammy

Great Site !!! Thanks for sending the Movie Clip ... ill have to hook up with you soon and send you a few pics of my signed stuff and the new guitar when it arrives ...


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: kkeith in wf
date: Thursday 11 March 2004
comment: Many thanks to Nancy in Texas for sending in those photos from the March 6 ES show at the Iron Horse in Wichita Falls. Very cool!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric ringo
date: Saturday 6 March 2004
comment: tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is a god... you are back!!!!!

my life is complete...


eric r

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Edith
date: Thursday 26 February 2004
comment: Hey Tammy!
Thank you so, so much for making Respect Perfection a site worth coming to damn near every day!
Even though Eric has yet to add Toronto to this tour, I am so enjoying reading others reviews and looking at the fabulous pictures!
I can't wait for the tour to hit here again -hopefully. And I look forward to some new material soon!
Tammy this site is amazing (Did I say that already? To bad, I am saying it again as it is worth repeating!)
With lotsa love and admiration!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: rick
date: Monday 9 February 2004
comment: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Ariane
date: Monday 26 January 2004
comment: Dear Rockin WebMistress of RespectPerfection.com --- your site is awesome! Love your sense of humor and the wealth of info to be found here. Excellent web design as well. I'm embarrased to admit, I just heard about ES, but I'm now complelled to drive 4 hours to see his show. The guy sounds absolutely amazing......:)

Ariane's Rock n' Roll Revolution

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Rosshi
date: Sunday 25 January 2004
comment: Eric and this website are both great as well as Rock and Blues are both great.
I saw his show at Tokyo 2 days ago, it was really awesome! He jumped into crazy audience with playing and walk around on the table. That was really the moment Eric and all audience get as one.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: SuperPacoBlues
date: Saturday 3 January 2004
comment: Desde Carolina-España: Por Fín Rock´n Roll del Bueno; Vaya Alivio!! Saludos A Todos Los Enganchados
Arriba Peña!!

webmistress translation of Carolina's entry:

From Carolina - Spain: Finally Great Rock n' Roll; Be Good!! Greetings to Everyone Hooked on Rock!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: LILBIT
date: Friday 21 November 2003

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Pedro Henrique Caropreso
date: Tuesday 18 November 2003
comment: Hey!!
I'm brazilian, i'm a great fan of Eric Sardinas, i ike so much Eric's musics, but here in Brazil dont sell him cds, and..
hey guys, sorry but my english is too bad

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Rick
date: Tuesday 18 November 2003
comment: Man!! Tammy, those boys are gonna need sunglasses during the shows if you keep up this kinda pace!!! :) Awesome shots!! It's like I was there! Wish to hell I was!! Thanks again!!

PS: Is there a usage limit on exclaimation points - I think I exceeded it!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Andy P
date: Tuesday 4 November 2003
comment: congrats on one hell of a site!! I just saw ES at the blue cafe on sat, joined the yahoo group and found this site. all in all I'd say a productive few days! I love the "house rules" at the beginning, well written and very cool. without a doubt one of the best sites I've been to. an excellent addition to my continuing intro to ES. those guys are amazing. see ya at the next show!!!!
Andy P

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: singinguitar
date: Monday 3 November 2003
comment: it´s great to meet other sardinas-fans on the web!

very beautiful page.

greetings from bavaria/germany!

rock on, singinguitar

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Julie
date: Saturday 25 October 2003
comment: Love, love, love the website. Great job, Tammy.

Talk about virtual erotica...HOT DAMN!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Edith W.
date: Saturday 18 October 2003
comment: Well, what can I say? I finally get to sign the guest book. You see, I didn't wanna sign until I had actually seen Eric in the flesh!
Tammy - I luvs ya, and this site completely blows me away every time I visit!
Finally got to see Eric last night, and I am still on some kind of "Eric High."
The band kicks ass...cliche? maybe - truth? definitely!
If you haven't yet, GO - What are you waiting for??? My God...that's all I am gonna say!
Tammy keep up the great work. This site is one of life's greatest pleasures!
Love, Edith

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: eric r
date: Thursday 9 October 2003
comment: an awsome site you have set up...
i have been a E.S fan since 1999
anytime he is in the bay area, i always catch him. a great live sound and show.
i hope soon he will release a live c disc for all of us hardcore fans.. i love the old blues songs that he plays live. ''the girl i have been loving'', robert johnson stuff and "ride on josphine" he used to play a song in 2000 called ''tell me you're mine''
awesome song. he told me that it didn't make the 'devil's train' disc.
he is a warm and easy to talk with guy.
keep up the good work on this site.
i love it!!!!!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Tony . D.
date: Thursday 9 October 2003
comment: To Eric, balistikk stuff, just what we and I need, heck with this new metal and rock, bring back the good school brazen, blues rock of the good ole 70's, and beyond. I listened to your song flames of love, or sumthin like that on hard radio, killer, I live in Kauai, I play drums, I'm lookin to hook up with a band, established that is, and boy I wish they'd sound like you, when in hawaii give me a call, e-mail or ph. 808 337 1371, if you ever need a drummer contact me, or if you know of anyone of good caliber lookin for one. God Bless you, and I'll buy your cd, and practice to it. Aloha. Tony D. Garden isle, of Kauai, Hi.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Lindadarlin
date: Thursday 9 October 2003
comment: I saw Eric for the first time Monday night (10/6). I am still in a "Blues state of mind". I have been listening to his CD's for almost a year now, so I knew he was good. But, to see him perform live in person is a real treat. This is one Scorcher of a man.
from head to toe!! I saw him at the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis MD. (way too small) for Eric. He needs a bigger place to play in. This guy is gonna be big. SOON!!
I just love this guy. It wouldn't surprise me if one day he toured with Aerosmith. He is THAT GOOD!!! I love this site. Good job!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Frederique
date: Saturday 4 October 2003
comment: I'm coming also from a french message board for guitarist (same as steph) and I just want to say that this site is great and For Eric, please come to France for your next tour, you are greatly appreciated

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Ed
date: Thursday 25 September 2003
comment: Terrific Site...Thanks for inspiring me to make my own...I'm glad there's a place that fans can come together...I think your site is It!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Kimbo
date: Thursday 18 September 2003
comment: Tammy! What a fantastic site! You've put so much work into this and it shows! I feel as if I've already seen Eric and his band perform just by coming here. But the best is yet to come because in October I will finally get to see them live for the first time. Thank you for turning me on to this band!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: steph
date: Friday 12 September 2003
comment: bonjour, je possede queluque mp3 de eric sardinas et j'ai découvert votre site par hasard sur un forum (sur guitariste.com) et il est super, bravo, on apprend beaucoup. je ne parle pas anglais, pardon.

thank you.

webmistress translation of steph's entry:

Hello, I have some mp3's of Eric Sardinas, and I discovered your site by chance on a forum (on guitariste.com) and it is super, bravo, one learns much. I do not speak English, sorry.

Thank you.

[ vous etes tres bienvenu, Steph, et merci pour signer mon livre d'invite. :) ]

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Temple Milliner
date: Wednesday 10 September 2003
comment: Love Eric and the site!

I surely wasn't prepared for what I experienced when I finally saw him play live, but I enjoyed every second of it!

I even met the band afterwards and was lucky enough to get all of their autographs!

I owe it all to the Webmistress - THANKS!


Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Nancy in Texas
date: Monday 8 September 2003
comment: This is a great site! Since the band got the DLR break - I am going through withdrawls and the site is helping me through them! Until I can catch the live show again, I'll be a regular hit on the site for updated pics and news on my FAVORITE band! Look for my show pics in your inbox. Thanks again - Nancy in Texas

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Jennifer
date: Saturday 6 September 2003
comment: Great site, Tammy! Once again you have outdone yourself! I have *got* to find a way to see this man live!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Temple PhotoJournalist
date: Saturday 6 September 2003
comment: As I stated before to you, Tammy, This is one helluva site you pulled together!! I think there are things here even Eric doesn't know about himself!!!

Thanks FOREVER for the tip about Sept 4 2003, and Eric being in town in Minneapolis! Changed my life - Again! It's that simple.


PS: Aren't Dad's cool?

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: kuni
date: Friday 5 September 2003
comment: moin moin

die musik von eric und seiner bande,ist die beste antwort auf britney und konsorten !
auf das neue album müssen wir hier in deutschland noch ein wenig warten.
aber ich glaube er kommt auch hier her um das teil vor zu stellen.

webmistress translation of kuni's entry:

A very good day...The music of Eric and his gang is the best answer to Britney and her ilk! We have to wait a little while longer here in Germany for the new album; however, I believe he's coming here in support of it.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Johnny Talpas
date: Thursday 4 September 2003
comment: WebMistress Divine.
Very nice site; and, it should be since you are MY Daughter. You are for sure a hard act to follow. I will check the site in great detail later. I love you. Dad

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Amy
date: Wednesday 3 September 2003
comment: This is an awesome site. I'm going to the show with Laura on Friday (see post from Laura). I'm definately very excited. This will be my first time seeing him at House of Blues (the 10th time seeing him overall...woohooo). I'm sure it will be kick ass. I'll be sure to send ya some pics, if not from this show, from others.

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Laura
date: Wednesday 3 September 2003
comment: Great site! A friend of mine pointed this site out to me today. I've been a fan of Eric for a couple of years now and I've known Mike Dupke since he was in Hair of the Dog. I'm going to Chicago to see the guys on Friday night. We'll also be seeing them in Louisville, KY in September and Nashville, TN in October. Keep up the great work on the website. :)

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: Justin Crafton
date: Tuesday 2 September 2003
comment: Simply amazing!! LOVE THE SITE!! I run the Dobro Of Fire Yahoo site and was planning on building a comprehensive website dedicated to Eric, Paul, and Mike but I couldn't have even come close to the amazing job you've done here!! WOW!!!! Keep up the great work and THANKS!!

Quick Guestbook | RespectPerfection.com
from: rickwwalter
date: Monday 1 September 2003
comment: GREAT SITE!!!!!!


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