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may 14, 2004 attribution

suicidal tendencies >> lights… camera… revolution! >> "disco's out, murder's in"

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Lights… Camera… Revolution!
"Disco's Out, Murder's In"

Extra, extra, read all about it!
News flash, read all about it!
Here comes another scam, and don't you doubt it
May make you laugh, but it ain't funny
I can't believe the things they do for money
Another show that needs to get rated
Just gotta get a little bit more hatred
We interrupt this program to tell you
Disco's out, Murder's in
Kill it!

Goody, goody, another commotion
One more time, in slow motion
The mountain won't come to Mohammad
Let's keep our fingers crossed, and maybe we'll bomb it
All kind of la-de-fuckin'-das
Disco's out, Murder's in

If you wanna go far, we'll make you a star
Not looking for filler, just a serial killer!
It's got to be violent to make it a highlight
If we show it enough
Well, everyone will think it's alright

Disco's out, Murder's in
Kill it! Kill it!

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