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So .....

I race down to Uptown (weird, but true!) to try and catch as much of the show as I can. It's a Thursday night in Minneapolis, so nothing much is happening. I walk in the door to Famous Dave's, with my $3 out -- and there is no one to take a cover!! (Bonus!! I get an extra half-of-a-beer tonight!!:lol ) I look to my immediate right (towards the stage), and there, standing 5 feet away from me, is Mr. Eric Sardinas!!

He is slight of build, but not as small as Prince!! He is talking with some guy (fan) who is asking him about a specific blue-colored bottle Eric used to play slide during the 1st set (which just finished).

WTF?? Who cares about a blue bottle??? Eric kinda looks at him sideways, and just says something about it being just a bottle!! :lol

He is wearing his signature(?) rattlesnake-head cowboy hat -- which looks completely bitchin'!!!! It's pulled down real low, so he has to tilt his head back to see you! And, he IS wearing his rose garden pants!!

But what strikes me most about him is his hair! It is amazing! It's flat out straight, in those tight little braids -- about 3,000 of 'em!! And down to his waist. Jet black. He continuously moves some of them with his hand or a tilt of his head, so it is always reflecting the light and catching your eye.

Pretty f'n cool!

I haven't made it more than 3 feet into the place (which is surprisingly EMPTY!!! :( ), I don't have a beer, and I am about to meet Eric Sardinas in person, one-on-one in 30 seconds, and I don't have a clue what I am going to say to him!!

So, the dipshit blue bottle freak leaves, and I stick out my hand and say "Welcome to Minneapolis, Eric!"

Pretty lame!!!!!!!!:rotfl :rotfl

But, Eric grabs it firmly, and says "Thanks! And thanks for coming out tonight!" He's thanking me???? Pretty nice guy!!

I tell him I was at home 45 mintues ago, and I got an Internet message from a woman in California that said I needed to get my ass down here pronto to check you out! So I drop everything and do it! He seems genuinely impressed by my effort. I tell him, "Her name is Tammy. She's seen you at the Viper Room in L.A. (isn't that it??) a few times. She's this beautiful redhead with diamond chiseling nipples out to here. (I hold my hand out a foot from my chest!!!)"

Okay, maybe I left off the last line!!! :D

He says he doesn't remember anyone named Tammy from L.A. (Sorry!!! :( :( ) I tell him she has created a website dedicated to him -- but I don't tell him the URL!!!! (Nice move, bonehead!! :mad ) He said he hasn't heard of it yet. I told him he should definitely check it out!! I guess I thought I told him what it was??

I see he is thinkin' about getting started again, so I grab his hand again and say "I can't wait to hear ya play!" I tell him I have a camera, and would he mind if a took some shots during the set. He breaks into this big ol' smile and says "Sure!"

So I find an empty table right in the middle of the floor, and I am set for my adventure!!! :D

Eric launches into the last set with a vengeance!!! He starts rippin’ into Flames of Love off of Black Pearls.
It ROCKS!!! :metal

Eric is all over the stage -- he is definitely full of energy, and seems bent on releasing it all at once!!

He is an animal on the guitar!!! He is rippin’ at it like the worst itch you've ever had!!!! :lol

And his bassist (Paul –- he calls him 'Pauly' a couple of times!) and drummer (Mike) are flyin’ too!! They are just ROCKIN’ THE HOUSE!!

Eric played most of the Black Pearls cuts while I was there –- Flames; Same Ol’ Way; Bittersweet; Liar’s Dice Blues; Sorrow’s Kitchen; and some others (Big Red Line?). He also played Treat Me Right.

I didn’t know which song it was he was playing when he stepped off the stage, and started wandering around the place, but he was playing wicked hot blues guitar!!!! I knew this was my chance to get some up-close and personal shots of him!!! I figured he would hang around a couple of tables to my left with women at them –- and he did!!!
(A fine Red Blooded American Male!!!! :hedevil )

So I took the one of him walking towards me, playin’ hot, while I could -- thinkin’ that was going to be as close as he would come.

But he keeps coming closer!!!

ES Back 1 ES Side 1

Then … he’s right in front of me!!!

He is just wailin’ -– It sounded SOOOOOO good!!! I totally forget I have my camera right there!! :lol

After about 30 seconds (which seemed much longer!!), he starts to head to the next table. I remember my camera, and I get the shots of him basically pushing past me!!!:lol

He is TOO CLOSE!!! All I get is his torso!! (I know you all are heartbroken about THOSE shots!!!) Eric proceeds to walk the ENTIRE place!! He’s up at the bar, playin’ to each person on each barstool!!! He is in front of each waiter/waitress!! Talk about personal attention!! What a showman!!!

When he finally makes it back to the stage, the rest of the show just goes into yet another higher gear!! I can’t stand it any longer – I move down to the front, and get the rest of the stage shots!!

Eric 1 Side Shot 1 Straight On 1 This Man Means Business 1 This Man Means Business 2 Beer Bottle Blues 1 Ooh, Baby! That's a Nice Note!

He plays smokin’ :smokin song after song!! It’s quite a show!!

And then they’re off – its over!! :( I figure, after a while, I can get a shot of Eric and I together after he cools down.

I have to buy his CD – it does ROCK!! :metal

Eric comes out, and I’m the first to shake his hand again and thank him for an incredible night!! He again thanks me for coming down. He is a really nice guy! I told him it was completely worth it!!! And then I ask for his signature.

Autographed ''Black Pearls'' CD

And then the picture together.

Rick Cheeseman with Eric Sardinas

He seems really genuine!! He is off to talk to some other people, and I turn and just hang around a little longer, nursing my beer -– just tryin’ to re-live what I just witnessed.

Then, someone is tappin’ my right hand – the one holdin’ my prized CD. It’s Eric! Man!! He is heading back stage for good, and he wanted to shake my hand again and thank me again for buying the CD and coming down to see him!!! :eek I fumble transferring the CD to the other hand, and I give him a hearty handshake (Laurel and Hardy handshake??:lol Great movie!!), and tell him I WILL be seeing him again!! He just wanted to let me know that he really appreciated me being there!! WOW!!!!

The man has class and style!!! And can play the FUCK outta the guitar!!! I was damn glad I met him, and heard him in person!! I won’t forget this night for quite a while – actually, EVER!!!
Tammy, THANK YOU!!! :wnw :x :wnw :x :wnw :x

You KNEW I would love it!!! And I did!!

I had an absolute blast, and I know I am now an Eric Sardinas fan for life!! He’s the same kind of personality that Steven and Joe are –- real, honest, open (okay, at least after Joe gets to know someone!!). It is SO COOL when the good guys win, and they can play SMOKIN’ ROCK ‘N’ BLUES!!!!


date >> 09-04-2003

the venue >> famous dave's minneapolis

location >> minneapolis, minnesota

Rick Cheeseman

show review by RICK CHEESEMAN

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