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tour dates

If you haven't seen Eric Sardinas live, you're letting one of the best things in life pass you by. Now, why would you wanna go and do a fool thing like that? Simple, you wouldn't! So here they are, the best links for keeping track of where the band will be performing:

external websites

official >>     EricSardinas.com  |  Eric Sardinas Band on MySpace  |  Piedmont Talent

unofficial >>     Pollstar  |  Ticketmaster

submit your concert reviews, tour pictures, audio and video

I'm only one woman, so I can't make it to all of the shows personally. [Yes, I'm bitter about that, but that's another discussion altogether.] That being the case, I need all of you Eric Sardinas fans to share what you have, and what you know. Click here to email corrections, links, reviews, videos, and/or pictures to the webmistress for publication. You will be credited for any original content you submit (natch), unless you wish to remain anonymous (or choose a pseudonym) and enter the Painfully Shy Eric Sardinas Fan Witness Protection Program.

concert reviews, tour picture galleries, audio and video clips

Dates are listed in reverse chronological order (more or less), the most recent dates first. Video clips are indicated by a V, audio clips by an A. Photo galleries that run multiple pages are noted (e.g. 2p, 4p), as well as the total number of pictures, so you don't miss a single fabulous pixel.

(Lilac rows = recent additions)

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external websites

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