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i'm with the band
Pictures of fans with the band (a.k.a. THE MONEY SHOTS!)

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getting signed
Fan pictures of autographed items, tattoos, and other body art

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virtual telegram project
Cyber fan mail from fans to the band

the vocal list
Quotes from friends and fans of the band

concert pictures and reviews

Live photo galleries and show reviews

love online
Other fan sites

Chris' Eric Sardinas Bulletin Board, 'Wicked Ways'

Mandė's Eric Sardinas Message Board



A Michigan Fan's Tribute to a Great Band!

Blues Boy King - Eric Sardinas

Dobro of Fire YahooGroup

Respect Tradition - A Tribute to Eric Sardinas

Dimitri De Franciscis' Italian Eric Sardinas Fanclub (Unofficial)

i'm in the band

Fans' band sites

Ryan Rakoon

Damir of Crooks & Straights

The Zoo (An Italian Tribute to The Scorpions)

Rick Ferrante / of Sasquatch (Small Stone Records)

John 5 of Marilyn Manson


Steve Vai

Bill Curran of The Edge of Town

Pacini Stephane of Hot Rod

Rick W. Walter

Jeff Serdins

Andy Baxter of Riffmaster General

Daniel Ericksen

Erick Charles Brassfield

Robbie King

Steve of Mask

Wim Roelants

Dukerisst of Space Saucers

Jeff Healey

Joe Valeriano


Doug Stapp


Hottie Knockers

Shemekia Copeland

Billy Sheehan

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