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Quotes from friends and fans of the band

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"Gawds, that hellacious guitar, that rumbling bass, those mighty drums, all played to near perfection by three exquisite men."

-- Becky, October 23, 2003 Concert Review: The Devil Came Down to Dickson

"To play a guitar with a freaking beer bottle...to play it against your mic stand, to watch his fingers literally fly. I kept thinking, there's no way he's doing that... but he was, children, he was."

-- Edith W. (Edie), October 17, 2003 Concert Review: There's Something About a Man and His Guitar

"Eric is all over the stage -- he is definitely full of energy, and seems bent on releasing it all at once! He is an animal on the guitar! He is rippin' at it like the worst itch you've ever had!"

-- Rick Cheeseman, September 4, 2003 Concert Review

"This west coast shaman healed us: The blind could see, the deaf were, well, more deaf, and the clumsy were made to dance, dance, dance. One of the best shows at the BBQ ever. Why this long-haired lothario's name isn't already dripping from everyone's lips is beyond me."

-- Frank DeBlase, "I Scene It"

"...if you said to me, 'Neil, you can go see anybody you want right now, no matter who it is -- Led Zeppelin or whatever,' other than probably the Rolling Stones, I'd tell you Eric Sardinas. If you people get a chance to go see Eric Sardinas, go fucking see Eric Sardinas. That guy fucking shreds on guitar. He's amazing... I love AC/DC with Bon, Deep Purple is always a great band (with Ian Gillan or David Coverdale), but right now my favorite performer is Eric Sardinas. I gotta tell you guys. I can't talk enough about the guy. I just think he smokes. If you want to see a great performer, go see Eric Sardinas!"

-- Neil Zlozower, Legendary Rock Photographer

"When I saw him play he scared me, and all I could say was, 'He's a bad, bad man.'"

-- Magic Dick, J. Geils Band

[Eric Sardinas] does infuse his blues with enough personal panache and miraculous slide work to make it an extension of the genre you'd be hard-pressed to top. So... get your ass out of the house and hear first hand where the blues is headed.

-- Michael Henningsen, alibi

Sardinas' energetic and loud sound did to blues what many had never dared dream of; it invoked a change toward the border of rock 'n' roll, giving the performance a cutting edge and outlining a shining future for the local artist.

-- Trond M. Vagen, On-Line Forty-Niner

"Eric Sardinas is revolutionary. He plays the dobro like the devil plays with your mind. His intensity will possess your very soul."

-- Steve Vai, Guitar God

"Sardinas finger-picks his guitar into a frenzy... in a dizzying display, he is nothing short of a wild man."

-- Los Angeles Times

"Treat Me Right" knocked me down, gave me iron noogies, and made my pants roll up and down my legs. This is the most exciting young blues guitarist to emerge since Stevie Ray Vaughan. The man's musicianship is a gonad-smashing wonder of nature."

-- OC Weekly

"If Satan had a blues band, this would be it. Think blues, only harder, faster and meaner... Unpredictable, edgy and intense."

-- Music Connection Magazine

"This is some of the nastiest, rowdiest, gut-bucket, straight-off-the-Dockery-Plantation stuff heard in ages."

--Blues Access

"Opening for BB King at the new House of Blues was young Eric Sardinas. His wicked stage presence, combined with his fiery attack on the electrified dobro had the capacity crowd literally screaming. His performance was awe inspiring and genuine."

-- Las Vegas Sun

"Sardinas plays and sings like a man possessed, and compels this writer to think that if Robert Johnson was alive today, this is what he might sound like."

-- The River Reporter

"The blues' newest bad boy... Jaw-dropping showmanship."

-- Guitarist (U.K.)

"Sardinas offers a merciless rock n' roll attack on the blues. Eric displays sincere respect for traditional sounds, yet constantly pushes the envelope of modern blues. "

-- Blues Revue

"An album that takes you to the crossroads where traditional blues meets the energy of rock. Sardinas kicks ass with a striking conviction and authentic vibe."

-- 20th Century Guitar

"A butt-whopping trio whose style is somewhere between the arid, gritty swing blues of Freddie King and the rock-oriented blues of Johnny Winter."

-- Buzz Magazine

"This album is so good it should come with a warning label, warning of its addictive qualities."

-- Southland Blues Magazine

"Check out Eric Sardinas. He is here and he is happening! Here is another infusion of life into the blues."

-- John Hammond

"The blues that Eric Sardinas plays is not for the faint of heart. Sardinas' hard hitting approach is a savvy and complete melding of traditional delta stylings and high decibel madness."

-- CD Now

"Eric Sardinas is a full-time slide playin' virtuoso."

-- Inside Blues

"Hard rock slide guitar like you've never seen before."

-- BAM Magazine

"This CD is not for the faint of heart. Most of the numbers are so explosive that they threaten at any moment to burst free from the confines of the speakers."

-- Rock & Blues News

"Eric Sardinas is the real deal."

-- Winnipeg Sun

"No matter what you've heard about the blues, you've never heard the likes of this guy. He's clearly for real and bound for glory."

-- Jackson Citizen Patriot

"Sardinas' playing is fiery, intense and passionate, breathing new life into the timeless tradition."

-- Billtown Blue Notes

"Eric Sardinas lays down a blazing fireball of roadhouse-style blues guitar. Combined with his gritty, from-the-gut vocals, you've got one hell of a good time!"

-- Gary "The Wagman" Wagner

Nothin' But The Blues, KLON

"After 50 years of playing 78's, 45's, LP's, cassettes, and CD's, I done hit the jackpot in Eric Sardinas."

-- "Sunshine" Sonny Payne

King Biscuit Time, KFFA