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Fan pictures of autographed items, tattoos, and other body art

HELPFUL HINT: If you've gotten signed, you should submit the pics!

Click on any picture to see the full-size version:

RICH GETS SIGNED - autographed items from the rich booth collection

[Rich is Webmaster of the Eric Sardinas fan site BluesBoyKing. When visiting the pages featuring his collection of autographed memorabilia, you will see downsized versions of the images. Make sure to view the excellent full-size images, too.]

Rich Booth - Autograph 1
Rich Booth Autograph 2
Rich Booth Autograph 3
Rich Booth Autograph 4
Rich Booth Autograph 5

Page 2 | Item 5

Page 1 | Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4

Rich Booth with Eric
Rich Booth with Eric

Meeting Eric | Picture 1

Picture 2

JULES GETS SIGNED - september 20, 2002 - the coach house - san juan capistrano, ca

Scan of Eric's Autograph
Eric Autographing Jules
Jules with Eric

[I took the first two pictures, so I can tell you that Eric was extremely cool about doing this. The night these were taken was Jules' last night out before going away to college. Eric sent her off with a great show and memory of meeting him. Thank you, Mr. Sardinas.]

Morten Jensen with Eric
Morten Jensen's Eric autograph

MORTEN JENSEN GETS SIGNED - march 4, 2000 - pumpehuset - kÝbenhavn v denmark

Chris' Autographed Wolverhampton Ticket

CHRIS (chrisdude) GETS SIGNED - december 5, 2001 - civic hall - wolverhampton uk

[Chris took his tickets from the shows he attended the previous year to this concert, and it was one of those tickets that he had Eric sign.  That is why the date he got signed (December 5, 2001) differs from the date on the autographed ticket (March 12, 2000).  FYI, Eric did play both dates, opening for Steve Vai both times.]

Dukerisst (Christian) with Eric
Dukerisst's (Christian's) Eric autograph

DUKERISST (christian) GETS SIGNED - march 17, 2000 - razzmatazz - barcelona spain

Rick Walter with Paul Loranger and Eric Sardinas  Rick Walter's Signed Resonator Guitar

RICK CHEESEMAN GETS SIGNED - september 4, 2003 - famous dave's - minneapolis

Read Rick's Story | See Rick's Concert Pictures

...I can make out my name, and 2003! I think he put 'Eric S'. Anyway, it is the coolest signature I think I have seen! And he writes it with such flair! Very intense motions (left handed -- wrapped around the pen over the top to drag it from left-to-right).

He obviously has had a lot of practice, but it is still the coolest I've ever seen! - Rick

Rick Cheeseman's ''Black Pearls'' CD, Autographed by Eric  Rick Cheeseman with Eric

RICK W. WALTER GETS SIGNED - june 7, 2001 - kfmx birthday bash - lubbock, texas

birthday bash in lubbock 2001

second time i saw him play.

great show.

- Rick

ELAINE FLYNN GETS SIGNED - november 16, 2002 - cozy's - sherman oaks, ca

I told you that you were wrong, and I meant it! I just didn't have the words for it until now!


getting signed >> page 1 | page 2 | page 3

Elaine Flynn's Mike Dupke Autograph
Elaine Flynn gets signed by Mike Dupke
Elaine Flynn gets signed by Eric Sardinas
Elaine Flynn's Paul Loranger Autograph
Elaine Flynn's Eric Sardinas Autograph
Elaine Flynn with The Band
Elaine Flynn and Aaron Michanik with Paul Loranger

"It was a high form of eroticism, almost spiritual in quality. There was a sense of wanting to possess him and wanting to be a part of him, to know how he did what he did because he was so powerfully affecting."

- Pete Townsend, "Jimi Hendrix: The Greatest Guitarist of All Time"

...They [Joe Perry, Jimmy Page and Eric Sardinas] are the only guitar players that I have had the good fortune to see live that qualify in any way, shape or form... the only three who could make me feel those feelings, think those thoughts, and leave me speechless.

Tammy... Do you now understand why I didn't speak or make an expression when you took me to see Eric, when you were swearing up and down that I absolutely HATED it?!?!?!