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SEPTEMBER 21, 2003- I Will Do It With My Spear and Magic Helmet... MAGIC HELMET!


SEPTEMBER 20, 2003- How Fuckin' Tough Is This Man? (attribution)


September 6-13, 2003 | September 1-5, 2003

August 2003

SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 - Love Spreads Her Arms... (attribution)

Click to visit Ed's New Fan Site

The Fans - email from ed about his new fan site

Dear tammy sue:

Great web site...why aren't there more?...I'm a Michigan fan and you inspired me to make my own Eric Sardinas site:


reply to ed about his new fan site

Dear Ed:

You rock, Mister! There can be no doubt about it!

Your email made my night. You have no idea. One of the reasons I started RP was in the hopes that it would encourage other fans to come out of the virtual closet, declare themselves online, and put up their own fan sites.

You see, after my first time (unforgettable!), I went poking around online looking for more info about the band. Since most official band sites are notoriously limited (not to mention drier than a toast sandwich with a side of sawdust), I went right for the good stuff -- unofficial fan sites. Imagine my surprise when, out of three-billion-plus web pages, I could only find TWO Eric Sardinas fan sites (one active, one apparently defunct), and then eventually one more, a new YahooGroup.

Three measly sites? Crazy!

Of course, it took months for the next logical thought to pop into my head, that thought being, "Hey... I'm a fan, and I don't have a site. Why the heck not?"

The rest, as they say, is history. And today is a red-letter day in that history, because you are the first Sardinas fan (that I know of) who has followed my lead and put up a site of their own. (And what a great site it is! Bravo!)

Mark my words: This is the start of something BIG. Just you wait and see. Eric Sardinas fan sites will multiply faster than drunken rabbits left alone with hardcore bunny porn! A Sardinas craze will sweep the globe... Bigger than pet rocks, bigger than "baby on board" signs, bigger than Furbys!

(Okay... Maybe I've had one too many Diet Cokes tonight.)

Where were we?

Oh, yes. I will definitely link to your site. It will be my pleasure. And Ed? Thanks again for your email. Tonight is a good night to be The Diva.

PS: Love the aliens! Also, Mr. Bootz is a handsome devil... I have four devils of my own.


[BTW, nobody calls me Tammy Sue. It's either Tammy, The Diva, or (on REALLY good nights)

The Bitch In The Front.]

can you please add my site to yours?... I can't wait to see him when he comes to Michigan on 10/18/03...I have about 15 people ready to go... I love your intro... you never forget your first... (I know what you mean...) Thanks, and it's great to know there are people out there that share my enthusiasm about Eric Sardinas.

Peace out!


SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 - With Every Download I Get Closer to Ecstasy (attribution)

The Live Show

I don't know how I missed this, but here it is, a short live video clip of "I Can't Be Satisfied" shot by Dr. Fre at Elispace in Beauvais France, on March 21st of this year.

[Click thumbnail to view; right-click thumbnail and choose "Save Target As" to archive a permanent copy on your hard drive.]

''I Can't Be Satisfied'' Video Clip by Dr. Fre
Click here to view Laura Hawkins' Louisville Picture Gallery

The Live Show / The Fans - laura hawkins' show pics, 2 shows

Laura, one of the webmistresses of the HOTDgirlz Hair of the Dog fan site, has submitted two incredible sets of live show pictures -- Monday's (Sept. 15, 2003) show at Stevie Ray's in Louisville, and the May 10, 2002 show at Cajun's Wharf in Little Rock. I've also added the great pic of her and Paul at Monday night's show to the I'm with The Band section.

News from The Road - wednesday's show in philly (9-17-2003)

email from: Justin Crafton

re: props for ES @ metal sludge

Dear Tammy,

Someone posted something about a DLR show and gave huge props to ES...


I went to see David Lee Roth last night with opener Eric Sardinas at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, and before I get into what happened to Dave, let me say that I now know why
Neil Zlozower was raving about Eric Sardinas. The guy is one of the best guitarists I've ever seen! He's got a really unique vibe and his playing is really amazing! Good to see Dave finally touring with an act that's worth seeing.

About Dave though, he was doing his thing with the metal polls and spinning them around like he's done for 20 some years, but this time he cracked his head on one and bleed like Dusty Rhodes in a steel cage match. I thought it looked pretty cool but I'm a sick fuck. Unlike a lot of singers though, he finished the show, blood and all, and didn't run off the stage crying about it. Dave is a true professional and I hope you guys can do 20 Questions with him someday.

Sludge 4 Life -


Kill the Wabbit!

what's opera doc?

Saturday night, I went to see The LA Philharmonic perform "Bugs Bunny on Broadway" at The Hollywood Bowl, in honor of the late Chuck Jones, who would have been 91 on Sunday. (Click HERE to see The Program.) What a great show! The music was incredible. Nothing quite compares to hearing a live orchestra play classical pieces -- with all their attendant high drama and dynamics. I had a flat-out fantastic time... The whole way back to the car, I was singing bits and pieces of "What's Opera Doc?"

Elmer: Oh Brunhilde, you're so lovely

Bugs:   Yes, I KNOW it... I can't HELP it...

So, as you can see up top, today I'm listening to "What's Opera Doc?" [I'm also listening to "Music of The Gods: The Essential Wagner."]

Told ya my tastes were eclectic.

The Live Show

A remote thumbnail gallery of Dr. Fre's March 21, 2003 pictures has been added. His on-site images are HUGE (1600 x 1200 px), and take a very long time to download. You can now use the remote thumbnail gallery to preview/pick-and-choose among the 51 images.

The Live Show/The Sounds (coming soon!)

Saturday, I received a gift in the mail from Rick B... my first-ever ERIC SARDINAS LIVE BOOTLEG! [Rick, you are the shizzle!] It is a 2-audio CD set, and was recorded at The Washburn Guitar Festival in Mundelein earlier this month (Sept. 6). It includes most of Eric's performance, and the Sardinas-Duarte-Gomes blues jam. I am working on putting together a set/track list. If I can find live pictures from the show, I will make a proper jewel case insert to accompany the 2-CD set. [Once I do, I will be more open for trading than a Bedouin with a cash-flow problem.]

Here is more info about the bootleg, from Rick's emails to me. He had originally written me to ask what the band's position was on the question of fans recording live performances. I told him that I didn't know [I don't], but that they were very easy to talk to, and that he should ask them:

excerpt from rick's first email:

Hi Tammy, I was not able to find the band members to ask permission but recorded the show anyway. Duarte and Gomes played with him for about 20 minutes. I had a little trouble getting all 100% of the show but did get 100 minutes. Please give me your address and I will send you a copy of the show.

Right now you are the only person I know that is a fan and I want to do this just to share it...

excerpt from rick's second email:

I am pleased that you are enjoying this recording. I needed to test a demonstration set of microphones that DPA lent me. I was looking for anything to record, as I had to have them back the next Monday. I saw Chris Duarte was playing at a festival, and I know he encourages recording at his shows. Well, I missed the Duarte set because there were no times listed, so Eric was the next show. I put the mics under a shirt and "stealthed" the show. I had to stand on a picnic bench at about 10 minutes into the show to get above everyone. I was at that point too close to the stage for my liking, but not too bad, about 35 feet in front of the board.

The mics are DPA 4011, The recorder is Nagra IV-S reel-to-reel, Marantz CDR-600 stand-alone CD burner, Microboards StartRec 400 CD-to-CD stand-alone burner duplicated at 1X speed. Duarte was not to play more than 90 minutes, so I came with only 2 reels at 49 minutes each, at 7 1/2 ips. That explains why I did not get it all...

I have been recording concerts for more than 26 years now. Here is
my list in date order. This is everything I have recorded, and all are masters: Rick's List

Here is
a picture of the recorder I used for Eric S.

-Rick B.

Webmistress >> Diva-Approved

I've received quite a few emails lately asking me what kind of music I'm into, other than Eric Sardinas. Now, I know most people claim to like all kinds of music (the Miss America answer), but the truth is, my musical tastes are somewhat eclectic. My father is a guitarist with very broad musical vistas, and without a snobbish bone in his body, so I grew up listening to a crazy-wide spectrum of sounds and genres, most of which I really enjoyed.

Having said that, my personal music of choice is guitar-oriented rock music, with a concentration on the raunchy, hard, heavy, bloozy, sleazy, cheesy, political, party and (for lack of a better term) fretwank varieties. I love 80's-era hair metal. I dig power ballads (accent on "power"). I'm into roots thrash (Metallica, Megadeth, et al). I do have a very particular weakness for songs that feature slide or steel guitar. [There's just something about those specific sounds that gets to me. Can't explain it. Don't want to. Magic is more fun when you don't know how it works.]

If you want to know what I'm listening to on a particular day, look at that day's update, and hit the title attribution link. I usually lift a lyric from a song in my player, and use that. If I do, you can be sure the lyric comes from a song I really love (thus the label, Diva-Approved). Speaking of which...