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September 1-5, 2003

August 2003

The Sounds

You asked for it, you got it. (I aim to please.) Here it is, the tablature for "Down in The Bottom," as published in the May 2001 issue of Young Guitar magazine. It's 11 pages long, and each page is available as a 1.25 MB .GIF file. The first page of instructional text is mostly in Japanese, so you may have a little trouble figuring out how to set up your axe (i.e. tune it).  It looks to me like the tuning is open G (D G D G B D -- low to high) with a capo at fret 2... but I don't play guitar, nor do I read Japanese, so I could be completely wrong. If there are any fans out there who read/write Japanese and English, play guitar, and wouldn't mind translating, email me.  Also, if these scans aren't at a high enough resolution to print and use, let me know that, too, and we'll go bigger, until they are.

The Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  |  11

''Down in The Bottom'' Tablature
Eric Sardinas by Robert Knight:
Eric Sardinas Studio Photo by Robert Knight
View Photo | Visit Robert Knight's Official Site.

The Live Show

Rick Cheeseman's 09-04-2003 concert photos and show review have been added to the internal database.

The Sights

Rock photographer Robert Knight has submitted the following studio photo for publication, with proper credit. Thank you, Mr. Knight...  :)  Here it is, Eric Sardinas by Robert Knight:

The Sounds

Album review links and purchasing links have been added to each album's main page, and lyric pages now include navigation links down in the bottom to make singing along a breeze.

The Fans

Rick Cheeseman's 09-04-2003 Minneapolis photo-op with Eric Sardinas has been added to the I'm with The Band section, his autographed Black Pearls CD has been added to the Getting Signed section, and his kickass scratch-that-itch quote has been added to The Vocal List.

Click to view Nancy's Wichita Falls Show Pictures

[Note to band: Get Back to Texas!]

The Sights

Eight professional studio pictures by Neil Zlozower, and from the Black Pearls album shoot, are now available on The Official Site.  A link (and only a measly link) has been added, since Neil won't let me thumbnail link his pics. (Stingy!)

The Sounds

A Paul Loranger extracurricular album appearance (James Ward - No Violence) has been added. There's no art (the album is out of print), and the rest of the info is a little sketchy... but better than nothing, right?

COMING SOON: Young Guitar Tab for "Down in the Bottom"

SEPTEMBER 7, 2003 - But I (I...) Never Heard Nothin' Like You (attribution)

Nancy in Texas is jonesing with no end in sight, since the new DLR dates bumped her home state (and my former stomping ground) off the current tour schedule. (I feel for ya, Sister!) In spite of her condition, Nancy pulled it together, and sent in a sweet batch of pictures from the May 10th show in Wichita Falls. Her gallery has been added to the internal database, and her most excellent photo-op has also been added to the "I'm with The Band" section.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2003 - Texas Chili, Texas Grass, Texas Moonshine...

I Love that Texas Ass! Lord, Man, You Know I Do. (attribution)

The Live Show / The Fans

The Live Show

Tommy -- a member of the Dobro of Fire YahooGroup -- has, at my request, written a review of Saturday's Washburn Guitar Festival.  (Thanks, Tommy!)  His review has been added to the internal database, and can be found HERE.

A Fun Experiment: Google the search term washburn ES20.  (See what I mean?)

What I want to know is: Who's running the show over there at Washburn, and would someone please wake them up and give them some strong coffee? Please?]

[AN UNSOLICITED RANT: Maybe I'm just being irritable (it wouldn't be the first time), but the folks at Washburn are in the doghouse as far as I'm concerned. I have my reasons. To whit:

1. I emailed them a very polite inquiry about the signature model months ago (long before this site went online), but I never heard back from them, not even so much as an automated reply.

2. Yes, they've run a full-page ad promoting the ES20 in a guitar mag (which I'm sure cost a pretty penny), but they haven't bothered to add information about the new model to their website (as far as I can tell -- see for yourself), even though that would essentially cost them nothing.

3. They haven't updated their Press Release section since June.  This seems a little lax to me, since the whole point of press releases is the RELEASING them part.

4. They haven't updated their website with pictures, etc., from this weekend's Festival in Mundelein, but they are, by all appearances, still selling tickets to the event.

Washburn ES20 Eric Sardinas Signature Model Magazine Ad
View the Ad:
Fit to Window
Medium | Large
Print Quality
Scans by Tabitha

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003 - Penetrate... Penetrate All The Simple Minds (attribution)

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The Fans

Rick W. Walter has sent in a picture of himself with Paul Loranger and Eric Sardinas, taken at the 2001 KFMX Birthday Bash in Lubbock, Texas.  In it, Rick is holding his autographed resonator. (Sweet!) His picture has been added to the "I'm with The Band" and "Getting Signed" sections.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 - Washburn ES20 Signature Model Resonator

The Band >> gear and endorsements

The current issue of Guitar World magazine includes a full-page ad for the elusive (yes, I meant to type 'elusive' not 'exclusive') Washburn ES20 Eric Sardinas Signature Model Resonator. I've added scans of the ad (at varying resolutions) to the gear and endorsements page, HERE.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 - Calling All Apprentice Guitar Gods