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what's new?

According to Surf Ballroom's site, previously purchased Eric Sardinas tickets will be honored for the Thin Lizzy date.

*These dates are NOT confirmed on Eric Sardinas' Official Site. [Would you look at this? Here I am, spreading unconfirmed information. Next thing you know, I'll be working for Fox News!]


SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 - You Still Stand Out While You're Wearing Black (attribution)

The Live Show / The Fans - saturday's BUBBA hut show!

Rob Emery of Doghouse (the band that opened the show) has sent in a cool dozen of photographer Roger Melton's snaps from this weekend's show in Batesville, Arkansas... two of which are photo-ops with Mr. Eric Sardinas. I've added that pair of pics to the I'm with The Band section.

You can view the whole dozen at the show's internal gallery HERE.

Men In Black

HELPFUL HINT: This internal gallery includes two versions of each photo -- "fit to window" and "original size" -- for you to choose between. I preserved the very large original image files, because I just didn't have the heart to reduce them. FYI: These are some seriously great pictures... Help! Is there a doctor in the house? No? Well, how about the Doghouse, then?  ;)

The Live Show >> Tour Dates >> Current (*unconfirmed)

Pollstar has updated their Eric Sardinas Artist itinerary, to include a gig opening for Thin Lizzy at the legendary Surf Ballroom in Clearlake, Iowa [excellent!], and two shows in SoCali [yay!]:

October 25

October 31

November 8

Clear Lake, IA

Sherman Oaks, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

Surf Ballroom w/ Thin Lizzy

Cozy's Blues

Martini Blues

SEPTEMBER 22, 2003- Ooh, Woe Is Me... I Feel So Badly for You (attribution)

The Live Show - kung fu mishap cuts david lee roth tour short - confirmation

Well, hell. It looks like the Florida dates are off, at least for the time being. The DLR dates haven't been pulled from Eric Sardinas' Official Site, but Metal-Sludge is usually on-the-money about this sort of thing. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions:

from Metal-Sludge:


We received this email today and also heard that this was reported on 102.5 Classic Rock in Tampa:

Hey Sludge,

I was listening to 102.5 in Tampa and they announced that David Lee Roth canceled his show tonight as well as the rest of his dates in Florida because he's been admitted to a local area hospital. The DJ is named Heather and she's mentioned Metal Sludge on the air before. She said that the station received a call from a girl who knows Ray Luzier and Ray told her that Dave's in the hospital and the tour is canceled. Supposedly, he's been feeling ill lately and that's part of the reason he got injured last week when spinning around those metal rods. They said he ended up with 21 stitches right above his left eye. No word as to how ill Dave is but I just thought the mighty Metal Sludge should know.


We did our own checking and it does appear that Dave's tour is cancelled and he is indeed in the hospital.

Updated 9/22:

After we put this post up, we got word that Dave has pneumonia and might be in the hospital for a few days. He's been trying to fight it for a while but it finally got to the point where he had to check into the hospital. We wish Dave a speedy recovery and hope he's feeling better.
The shows that they canceled will be rescheduled sooner or later.

- Metal Sludge

The Fans

"I'm with the band," the section devoted to pictures of fans with the band [doy] has been updated. We're now on our fourth page [woo-hoo!]. Photo-ops from Amy Oexmann and "Alien" Ed (plus his honey, his posse, his sisters, his friend, and anyone else who would stand still) have been added. Check them out here:

i'm with the band >> Page 3 | Page 4

In today's snail mailbag...


September 14-21, 2003

September 6-13, 2003

September 1-5, 2003

August 2003

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Check out Blackberry Smoke's Debut Album

I just love it when fans send me gifts! [How cool is that? Pretty f'n cool!] Today, I received a 3-song EP by Blackberry Smoke from Justin Crafton of The Dobro of Fire YahooGroup. I just popped it into my CD player, so I'm still on the first song ("Sanctified Woman") but so far, so good. Very southern-roots-rock. [Makes me kinda homesick for Texas.] Groovy. Think Marshall Tucker Band, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. If you're into that, definitely give these guys a look-see/listen-hear:


update: All three songs ("Sanctified Woman," "Normal Town" and "Train Rollin") are Diva-Approved, my fave being "Normal Town."

Check out Blackberry Smoke's debut, Bad Luck Ain't No Crime. -->

The Live Show >> Tour Dates >> Current

The Official Site has finally gunned its engine, passed Pollstar, and pulled into a comfortable lead. Here are the new tour dates, including an in-store performance at Sam The Record Man. [I'm assuming this refers to the world-famous flagship store in Toronto, since the band is playing at Healey's in Toronto later that night. Edith, a Canadian Sardinas fan, is working on confirming this.]

October 17

October 21

October 23

October 24

October 25

October 31

November 01

November 08

November 13

November 15

Toronto ON

St. Louis, MO

Fayetteville, AR

Kansas City, KS

Clear Lake, IA

Sherman Oaks, CA

Long Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

Pasadena, CA

Hermosa Beach, CA

Sam The Record Man In-Store at Noon


George's Majestic

Grand Emporium

Surf Ballroom w/ Thin Lizzy

Cozy's Blues

Blue Cafe

Martini Blues

McMurphy's Tavern*

Cafe Boogaloo

*The Official Site lists "Murphy's," but I feel confident they mean McMurphy's.

Upcoming In-Store Performance and New Dates

Fun & Games

Procrastinators: This is your last chance to enter KLEWmedia's "Black Pearls" Giveaway Contest. The deadline for entry is today.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 - So Rev Up Your Heart and Take Me Home (attribution)

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