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September 22-30, 2003

September 14-21, 2003

September 6-13, 2003

September 1-5, 2003

August 2003

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OCTOBER 1, 2003 - Just a Few Holes Where the Rattlesnakes Have Bitten (attribution)

SPREAD THE WORD!  Help us spread the word about Eric Sardinas. For fans in Hawaii, Japan and Europe - Eric will be coming your way in a couple months!

Fun & Games - and the winner is...

KLEWmedia has selected the winner of their "Black Pearls" Giveaway Contest. It's Amy Oexmann of Indiana, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving soopafan. Congratulations, Amy... and have a great time at the Nashville show tonight!

[Is it me, or does stuff you win just seem COOLER than stuff you buy? ;)]

Beware of Rattlesnake

News from The Official Eric Sardinas Mailing List:

Eric Sardinas Tour Update!

Below are updated tour dates for Eric Sardinas!

NEW PRESS:  Look for upcoming features on Eric in "Guitar World," "Guitar One" and "Guitar Player" magazine as well as many magazines in Europe and Asia.

LISTEN TO BONUS TRACK:  Visit www.guitar.com and click on the upper right hand corner to take the "tour" of their site. While taking the tour you'll hear Eric's song "Green Tea" which was only released on the Japanese version of "Black Pearls." The song features Eric along with Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan! [DIVA NOTE: To view track details, load the tour, then roll your mouse over the button marked "Electric On" in the upper right-hand corner of the page]

AUTOGRAPHED POSTERS:  For the first 500 early birds who pre-ordered "Black Pearls," the autographed posters were mailed out today so you will receive them shortly. It took Eric quite a while to personally sign each and every poster, so thanks for your patience. We think you'll be very happy with this limited edition autographed poster!



  1 Nashville, TN
  2 Winder, GA

  3 Charlotte, NC
  6 Annapolis, MD
  7 Syracuse, NY
  8 Rochester, NY
  9 New York City, NY
10 Hartford, CT
11 Springfield, MA
14 Quebec City, QC
15 Montreal, QC
16 Ottawa, ON
17 Toronto, ON

BB King's


The Double Door

Ram's Head

Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ

A&M Roadhouse

Black Eyed Sally's


L'Autre Casern

Cafe Campus

Rainbow Bistro


     OCTOBER (cont'd)

18 Dearborn, MI

21 St. Louis, MO
23 Fayetteville, AR
24 Kansas City, KS
25 Clear Lake, IA

31 Sherman Oaks, CA


  1 Long Beach, CA
  8 Huntington Beach, CA
13 Pasadena, CA
15 Hermosa Beach, CA

George & Harry's


George's Majestic

Grand Emporium

Surf Ballroom

(W/ Thin Lizzy)


Blue Cafe

Martini Blues


Cafe Boogaloo

OCTOBER 4, 2003 - Right There You'll Be in Shining Braided Glory (attribution)

Pistoia Blues Fest - Photo by Live Collection

The Live Show - external website live photos

The database of links to external websites that feature live show photos, videos and reviews has been updated. Twenty new sites and/or dates have been added. Among the new links are pictures from this summer's Pistoia Blues Festival and CHOC Blues Festival. Thanks to everyone who submitted new links for the database.

The Band >> press and media

HOT! "Music from The Heart" Eric Sardinas Interview by Keith DuCharme

The Fans >> Getting Signed - elaine flynn - nov 16, 2002 - cozy's - sherman oaks, ca

My close personal friend Elaine Flynn has sent in scans of her band autographs from Cozy's on November 16, 2002. You can see them, and read her impressions of Eric Sardinas, HERE. [Elaine lives in New Jersey. She was in town to visit me, and to stalk Aerosmith. Just kidding... Not really! No, really... It wasn't stalking, so much as worshipping. Yeah, that's the ticket...] Elaine managed to get signed by all three band members, and even had pictures taken with them by me. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate the disposable camera that I used to shoot the pics. [Things always get a little crazy around here when Aerosmith is in California.] Fear not! I am going to find the missing disposable this weekend if it kills me. I love a project!

Dear Diva - "that long curly hair?"

Q. Hey, do you know the song that Eric plays at his shows and it starts out something like, "I've got this woman and she's got that long curly hair?" It's a slow and steamy song. I love it, but I don't know who originally sang it or what it's called. Please help!!!! - Amy

A. Oh my! Yes... Yes, I most certainly do know that song. It happens to be one of my favorite songs that the band performs live. [I have long, curly hair.] However, as much as I love it, I don't have a definitive answer to your question. There are just so many blues songs with similar lyrics, including (but not limited to):

Hambone Willie Newbern - "Roll And Tumble Blues"

Furry Lewis - "Goin' To Brownsville"

Mississippi Fred McDowell - "Gravel Road Blues" (versions 1 and 2)

Sleepy John Estes - "The Girl I Love, She Got Long Black Curly Hair"

Muddy Waters - "Meanest Woman"

Alvin Youngblood Hart - "Big Mama's Door"

I think Willie Newbern was the first, but I don't know that for a fact. Those particular lyrics go way back, to a time before the blues were recorded (early- to mid-20's). That being the case, I think the only way to know for sure, is for some brave soul to ask the band.
[It can't be me, though. My hair would give me away.]

Dear Diva - mundelein live bootleg cd's?

Q. Hi again. I was wondering what happened with that Mundelein Bootleg you got? Are you ready to trade yet? Let me know. - Mark

A. I've shipped copies of the bootleg to two hardcore Sardinas fans, and asked them to compile independent track/set lists. As soon as they get back to me with their expert opinions, I will compare theirs with mine, create the liner notes, and post about it on "The Latest." Once I do, I'd be happy to trade with you.

OCTOBER 7, 2003

Southern Belles and Yankee Ladies, It's My Time to Drive 'Em Crazy (attribution)

The Live Show/The Fans

POSTPONED! thursday's NYC show (according to Eric Sardinas' Official Mailing List)

HOT! 09-29-2003 - king biscuit time radio show - delta cultural center - helena, ar

[This may very well be the coolest thing ever on this site! Did I mention YOWZA?]

kim craig's mini-review: october 2, 2003 - chip's - winder, georgia

In my inbox...

Never have these eyes and ears beheld such a savage assault on six strings as I witnessed when Eric stepped onto the stage! The man is amazing! This was my first time to see him live but not my last, I assure you! I was hypnotized and in awe of him from the first screaming notes and his lighting fast play. He feels every note and draws you right into the soul of every lick he plays. What can I say about the exploding beer bottle? He put on an exhibition in showmanship that was fantastic, and afterwards was as humble and friendly to the fans as anyone could be.

Eric Sardinas is already a master of the blues and is on his way to becoming a legend in his own time! Do not miss a chance to see him!! - Kim Craig

justin crafton's concert pics: june 6, 2003 - roadhouse blues - wichita, kansas

Justin has sent in CD's containing the original scans of his Wichita pics, all 100+ of them! The scans aren't high-resolution, except for The Money Shots -- three of 'em!  But what the show pics lack in resolution, they more than make up for in sheer VOLUME! [This isn't the only thing Justin sent me, but it's going to take some time for me to work my way through all his goodies! Bear with me. More Justin stuff coming soon...]

my concert pics: november 16, 2002 - cozy's - sherman oaks, california

Mission accomplished! I've finally found the long-lost disposable camera that I took to Cozy's almost a year ago. This was the night that I escorted visiting New Jersey-ite Elaine Flynn (my good friend and Co-Founding Member of The Outlaw Aerosmith Lust Posse) and Aaron Michanik (Elaine's PST -- Personal Steven Tyler) to their first Eric Sardinas show. They had a blast, as did I. I took five shots of her/them with the band -- three posed, two candid -- and nine live show pics! The good news: The pics RAWK! The bad news: The Rite-Aid scans (first and second tries at two separate locations) SUCK! I am publishing my reworks of the scans anyway, but I'll be replacing them as soon as I have the pics rescanned. And while we're on the subject...

King Biscuit Time - Eric Sardinas Radio Show

Yowza! Audio of the band's September 29th in-studio interview and performance on the King Biscuit Time radio show (at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, Arkansas) is available online on KFFA 1360's website!

DETAILS: Required media player is RealPlayer; file type is .rm; file size is 4.85 MB. The guys come on around timestamp 9:30. Windows users: click the logo to listen; right-click and choose "Save Target As" to archive a copy on your hard drive.

Click to view my live pictures. Rollover the image to see it reworked.

Webmistress >> a fatwa on rite-aid!

The prints of my November 16th show pics are (to coin a phrase) picture-perfect. Take a look at this small sample section of Rite-Aid's scan of one of those picture-perfect prints. --->

Riddle me this: How do picture-perfect prints wind up looking like this when scanned?

(Hint: In case you're wondering, there was neither a laser light show, nor a smoke machine in use, at this particular show.)

Answer: They were scanned by incompetents at Rite-Aid, one of whom had the temerity to say to me, "I've been working here for years, and you're the first person to ever complain."

Yeah, right! A fatwa on Rite-Aid!