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October 1-7, 2003

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OCTOBER 9, 2003

Set it Off... Set It Off Now, Children... Set a Fire (attribution)

The Live Show

POSTPONED! tonight's NYC show (according to Eric Sardinas' Official Mailing List)

HOT! 05-26-2002 - santa cruz blues 2002 - aptos village park - aptos, california

Henry Benson, prolific music photojournalist and editor of Central Coast Magazine, has submitted a whopping seventy-seven professional pictures taken at Santa Cruz Blues 2002. You may already be familiar with Henry Benson's work -- specifically, his Eric Sardinas Flash Slideshow from the same festival. His internal gallery starts HERE, and is divided into two sections: Behind the Scenes and The Show. Magnificent!

[I'm running out of superlatives. What can I say about this gallery? Well, I can tell you that after viewing it, I think I may need to have the smile surgically removed from my face.]

Click to View Henry Benson's Internal Gallery

OCTOBER 14, 2003

A Message to the Forces (attribution)

Desperately Seeking: vhs to digital-for-the-web conversion (help)

The Band >> press and media >> guitar one - november 2003 - eric sardinas

'Rocksanne' has sent in her low-res scan of Eric Sardinas' brief interview on page 31 of the November 2003 issue of Guitar One. (View the scan HERE.) I am working on acquiring a high-res replacement scan, with interview text that is clearer. [I know we only read G1 for the articles.] Until I do, Rocksanne offers the following gentle recommendation:

"I strongly suggest hauling thy ass to the nearest Walgreens and nabbing a hard copy, to read this bullshit interview and see the hot white outfit."

[LOL! Click the thumbnail to view Rocksanne's scan. ----->]

The Live Show >> sushi tuscadero's live gallery - various - socali

'Sushi Tuscadero' has sent in 28 pictures taken over the last few years at various venues in and around Southern California. (View Sushi's gallery HERE.)

[I'm lovin' these pseudonyms... Rocktober is shaping up to be a funny month!]

The Sounds >> 'first-500-to-buy-Black Pearls autographed poster (see the image)

I got mine Saturday, so if you haven't received yours yet, you're probably not getting one. What makes me think so? My mail carrier is a crackhead. I always get stuff last.

Guitar One - Nov. 2003 - Eric Sardinas
Click to read about me and Joe

OCTOBER 16, 2003

She says, "If wishes were horses, then dreamers would ride..." (attribution)

The Band >> press and media >> guitar one - november 2003 - eric sardinas

UPDATE! Becky has scanned the November 2003 G1 Eric Sardinas interview and picture... at HIGH resolution. Wanna see? I thought so. Click HERE.

Webmistress >> gone to church

Aerosmith is now in Southern California. EEEEEEEEE!!! Since I'm going to be otherwise occupied (worshipping my personal deities and America's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band), the next update may take a while. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone... and don't wait up!

[If you get really bored while I'm out, click HERE to read my "meeting Joe Perry" story (Nissan Pavilion - Bristow, Virginia - September 25, 2001).]

OCTOBER 18, 2003

...And Four to Let You Know That I Let The Music Do The Talking (attribution)

The Live Show >> edith w's review: 10-17-2003 - healey's - toronto, ontario

Edith W. just attended her first-ever Sardinas show last night. Click HERE to read her hot-off-the-presses review, "There's Something About a Man and His Guitar." Edith also took time to send in the following article from her local newspaper, the Toronto Star

The Band >> press and media >> toronto star - oct. 16, 2003 - here's bad news:

eric sardinas' new black pearls disc -- a terrifying ride of hard-driving blues

EXCERPT: "Remember the old story about blues icon Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil so that he could play better? Soon you'll discover who was likely in Satan's entourage on the day the deal was done..." (Click HERE to read the rest of Geoff Chapman's kickass article/review. Click HERE to view the photo included in the print version of the article.)

[Great show review, great newspaper article! Can't wait to see the live pics! I owe you, Edie... Now I gotta go get some sleep, so I don't look scary at church tonight in Devore! PS: Church Thursday night was so inspirational, my knees are still knockin'! EEEEEEE!!!]

OCTOBER 19, 2003

Achtung, Deutsche Sardinas Fans: Deutschland im Dezember!

The Live Show >> current tour dates >> new dates: germany in december

Tue10/21/03   St. Louis MOGenerations
Thu10/23/03 Fayetteville ARGeorge's Majestic
Fri10/24/03Kansas City MOGrand Emporium
Sat10/25/03Clear Lake IASurf Ballroom (TIX) with Thin Lizzy
Sat10/31/03Sherman Oaks CACozy's
Sat11/01/03Long Beach CABlue Cafe
Sat11/08/03Huntington Beach CA   Martini Blues
Thu11/13/03Pasadena CAMcMurphy's Tavern
Sat11/15/03Hermosa Beach CACafe Boogaloo
Mon12/01/03Hamburg GERMANYFabrik (English Site)
Tue12/02/03Hamburg GERMANYZeche
Wed   12/03/03Stuttgart GERMANYRosenau
Fri12/05/03Hannover GERMANYBlues Garage
Sat12/06/03Munich GERMANYBackstage
Sun12/07/03Berlin GERMANYQuasimodo (English Site)
Mon12/08/03Cologne GERMANYPrime Club