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NOVEMBER 13, 2003

You Work Your Magic on My Blues (attribution)

The Band

a belated happy birthday to eric sardinas

I haven't the foggiest which one it is numerically, but here's hoping a good time was had by the birthday boy.

press and media >> guitar player - may 2002 - tattooed blues

Click HERE to view scans of the article, courtesy of Andy P. in Los Angeles.  Thanks, Andy!

The Live Show

Tour Dates >> Current

The December dates in Germany have been removed from The Official Site, and two January 2004 dates have been added -- Club Quattro in Osaka on Friday the 23rd, and Club Quattro in Tokyo on Saturday the 24th.

MARK HALL's pictures >> 10-21-2003 >> generations >> st. louis, mo

Click HERE to see Mark's four pics, including one of the autographed bottom Amy Oexmann mentioned in her review of the same show.

Webmistress >> back in the game

I have a new computer! My old one (may it rest in pieces) was definitely on its last legs -- it was slower than a politician from Texas, twitchier than a poodle on crystal meth, and about as reliable as a ouija board. To fix its many problems, Gateway instructed me to reinstall the operating system (a procedure only slightly less dangerous than dating a musician), but luckily, I didn't have to. Through a fortuitous twist of fate, the decision was taken from my hands, as was the ancient PC. (This explains the recent period of inactivity here on The Latest.) Unfortunately, along with the PC went my online history, including email addresses. If you would like me to be able to communicate with you, please send me a quick email, and I will add your info to my brand new address book. Oh, and if I owe you a reply, please resend the relevant email to me, so I know what it is I need to reply to.  Thanks!


October 20-November 6, 2003

October 9-19, 2003

October 1-7, 2003

September 22-30, 2003

September 14-21, 2003

September 6-13, 2003

September 1-5, 2003

August 2003

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NOVEMBER 14, 2003

Yeah, You Had to Be There (attribution)

The Live Show

my pics & video clips >> 11-13-2003 >> mcmurphy's tavern >> pasadena, ca

I'm busier than a one-legged frog in a snake pit! I swear, I've got NO time... However, since last night's show just blew me away, I'm playing hooky from my life so I can put the pics and video clips online where you fans can enjoy them. Click HERE to see what I saw. [Due to technical difficulties, I'm still behind in posting my show pics... AND I have one more show to go to! I'm never gonna get caught up!]

*** Rocksanne, email The Diva ***

NOVEMBER 15, 2003

Your Time Is Now (attribution)

The Live Show

my pics >> 11-08-2003 >> martini blues >> huntington beach, ca

God, I hate Orange County (I used to live there--yuck), so it takes something major to make me cross the county line. For the last year-or-so, that something has been Eric Sardinas. No matter where the band goes in SoCali (even the dreaded OC), I follow… But I have to tell you, I HATED this club. Imagine an overpriced and undersized high school cafeteria, then take the ambiance down a few notches. Still, the boys killed, despite the limitations of the venue, and I took a truckload of pictures to document the carnage. Click HERE to see them.

[I do believe I am now all caught up as far as posting-my-show-pics goes… I think? Until tonight, that is, and the Boogaloo gig.]

Click to View My Martini Blues Gallery

NOVEMBER 17, 2003

The Tapping of The Rain Beats a Corrugated Drum (attribution)

The Live Show

my pics >> 11-15-2003 >> cafe boogaloo >> hermosa beach, ca

"It never rains in Southern California." Great song title, but factually incorrect. Actually, it RARELY rains in Southern California; and when it does, the natives wig. The local news covers it like a natural disaster. So, on a rainy Saturday night, it would seem reasonable to assume that the turnout for a live show would be low… Unless, of course, the live show is Eric Sardinas. Under those circumstances, the venue will be filled to capacity, and a line of people will wait outside in the rain for a chance to get inside… Which is exactly what happened Saturday night! Luckily, I squeezed into Boogaloo right before the rush. I also got to meet and hang with Andy P. [FYI: He ROCKS!] There was singing, there was dancing, there was drinking, and there was (as always) picture-taking. Click HERE to see my pics from this great show!

Click to View My Cafe Boogaloo Pics

NOVEMBER 18, 2003

Nobody ever did it quite… like you (attribution)

The Sounds

the eric sardinas sessions >> xm radio >> bluesville >> stone blue

Is this something new, or is this the October 4th session? Dunno… I think so. Can internet surfers listen live online? Dunno… Don't think so. Here's what I do know:

XM RADIO LISTENERS: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to record the Sessions, and send the audio (analog or preferably digital) to me. I will swap anything -- or reasonable combination of things -- in my ES or general music collection, in return for this service. My collection is extensive… Get a piece of it. Email me to make arrangements, and to hammer out the particulars of the trade.


Saturday, November 29

10:00 PM ET / 7 PM PT

Encore Presentations
Tuesday, December 2

Midnight ET / (Mon, Dec. 1) 9 PM PT
Thursday, December 4

1:00 PM ET / 10 AM PT


Aaron Lee moves to the outskirts of Bluesville (XM 74) to spin Rockin' Blues. These ain't your mother's blues. These tunes are loud, rocking and in your face.  Dave Hole, Gary Moore, Tab Benoit, Tinsley Ellis and Walter Trout are all regulars on Stone Blue. Not for the faint-hearted.

[Sounds to me like our boys'll fit right in!]

NOVEMBER 22, 2003

Let The Revels Begin, Let The Fire Be Started (attribution)

The Live Show >> Tour Dates >> Current

New Southern California dates have been added to The Official Site! Now, if they would just add a New Year's Eve gig, I could die a happy Diva...

DECEMBER 16, 2003

Let Me Through, Don't Spoil My View (attribution)

*** Please make note of my new email address: thediva@respectperfection.com***

The Live Show

No, I haven't been abducted by aliens (I should get so lucky!)… and yes, I DO have pictures from this weekend's two-night stand at Cozy's. Andy P. helped with snapping the Friday shots, and the Saturday pics are something to behold, as Bass Ace Billy Sheehan was in the house, and ON STAGE WITH OUR BOYS! Here are the pics… Hope you like 'em:

my pics >> 12-12-2003 >> cozy's >> sherman oaks, ca

my pics >> 12-13-2003 >> cozy's >> sherman oaks, ca

The Sounds >> the eric sardinas sessions >> xm radio >> "the girl i've been loving'"

Larry L. has sent in the CD he recorded of  XM Radio's Eric Sardinas Sessions. Here is the track list, as compiled by Larry:

"The Eric Sardinas Sessions" Bluesville XM 74, Stone Blue, Show #92

Encore Presentation 11-29-03, 7 pm--Recorded 10-04-03, XM Radio Studios

Eric Sardinas - Guitar, Paul Loranger - Bass, Mike Dupke - Drums

  1. Introduction

  2. Imperial Strut

  3. You Don't Love me

  4. The Girl I've Been Loving

  5. I'm Worried

  6. Hard Road Blues

  7. Flames of Love

  8. Come On In My Kitchen

  9. Down in the Bottom

10. DJ Talk

If you'd like a copy, email me and let me know. In the meantime, here is an MP3 of the band's XM Radio performance of "The Girl I've Been Loving." [Click HERE to listen. Windows users: Right-click HERE and choose "Save Target As" to archive a permanent copy on your hard drive.]

The Fans >> love online >> EricSardinasFan.com

Alien Ed has a new dot-com for his Sardinas fan site: EricSardinasFan.com. Stop by for a visit...  And while you're there, check out his bitchin' Sardinas ScreenSaver.

Click to View December 13, 2003 Gallery