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NOVEMBER 6, 2003

My Heart's in Overdrive, and You're Behind the Steering Wheel (attribution)

The Band >> press and media

tribune-review - nov. 6, 2003 - there's more to steve vai than meets the eye

BRIEF SARDINAS MENTION: "I have a very strong, small, yet very loyal following of people that are entertained by my stage antics and my music and my guitar playing. I'm very, very fortunate." [Steve] Vai repays this by in turn supporting fellow guitarists and musicians on his own record label, Favored Nations. Eric Sardinas, Vernon Reid, Adrian Legg, Andy Summers and the Yardbirds are among those on Favored Nations, which Vai says is doing better each year. "It's very difficult running a label," he says. "There's not a lot of glamour in it. But it's just my way of waking up people and fighting that fight. It gives me an opportunity to make myself accessible to great new artists, people who I think are creative and worthwhile. It has its own great reward." Read the whole article on the Tribune-Review's site HERE.

toronto star - oct. 16, 2003 - here's bad news

UPDATE! Edith W. (Edie) has sent in a hard copy of "Here's Bad News," Geoff Chapman's front-page-of-the-entertainment-section Eric Sardinas feature, which ran in the Toronto Star prior to the band's Healey's gig. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, but... I do have a digital camera and plate glass! See my pseudo-scan of "Here's Bad News" HERE.

gwinnett daily post - ~oct. 1, 2003 - sardinas to deliver 'dobro thunder'...

EXCERPT: "Working with Eddie Kramer [on Black Pearls] was a real good experience," Sardinas said. "We captured the essence of the band and caught a real actual moment in time," he added. "I'm pleased with it." Read the complete article HERE.

guitar player - may 2002 - SCAN COMING SOON!

Andy P. in Los Angeles has this back issue -- which includes a Sardinas article that he describes as "very good and positive." [It better be!] Andy is working on getting it scanned and sent in for the site. Don't miss Andy's mini-review of Saturday night's Blue Cafe show in Long Beach:

The Live Show >> andy p.'s review >> 11-01-2003 >> blue cafe >> long beach, ca

EXCERPT: "My friend had told me about him [Eric Sardinas] for the last 1 1/2 years, and I never went. He saw him all the time at the blue cafe when he played there regularly. I guess I was kinda snobby about how much he praised him and how amazing he said the show was. I probably thought he was over exaggerating. BOY WAS I WRONG!! I cannot remember the last time I saw someone that amazing in a club or an arena. [As a guitarist] I'm totally inspired again!!" Read Andy's complete mini-review HERE.

Webmistress >> feelin' chatty

DINNER & A GROOVY: Last night (a little after 7 PM) I arrived at the Baja Cantina in Marina del Rey (California) for an important dinner meeting. Not five minutes through the door, and what in my wandering ears should I hear, but the intro to "Devil's Train," playing on the Cantina's satellite radio! I grabbed my dinner companion (a music industry person), and dragged him through the restaurant, until we were standing directly under the single set of speakers mounted on the ceiling. "Listen," I said. "THAT is Eric Sardinas, the guitar player I was telling you about! You know... that I have the site for?" He got quiet for a minute, listening, then he said, "Damn. He's good! Real good!" When I started to reply that I already knew that, I was shushed, LOL! So... another fan enters the fold. He'll be attending one of the upcoming SoCali gigs (if his schedule permits), to see in person what all the fuss is about. EXCELLENT.

TOUCHING YOU, TOUCHING ME: Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Robert Smith of The Cure fronted his own hair metal band? No? Me, either... but I found out last night! Hit today's title attribution link, and have a listen. Damn, I love this song... this album... this band! They are right up my proverbial alley! [I can never get enough cheese in my musical diet.] Bring The Darkness!

OCTOBER 26, 2003

I Wanna Know... What Kind of Love Are You On? (attribution)

The Fans >> elaine hips aerosmith to perfect opening act for blues album tour!

I GOT TO CHAT WITH TOM HAMILTON!!!!! I said "Tom, I love the blues stuff! And I love your intro to Sweet E... it's orgasmic!" [Can I get an 'amen'?] Then I came to my senses and yelled "TOM!!! YOU HAVE TO HAVE ERIC SARDINAS OPEN FOR YOU DURING THE BLUES TOUR!!!!" He asked, "Who's that?" I said, "He's a Rockin' Bluesman!!!" Then Tom asked where Eric was from... I spaced! I had no clue! So, I said "Umm, California, I think..."

Then I had sense enough to say, "Check him out at RESPECTPERFECTION.COM!" [Bless her heart!] Tom said, "Cool" then said "Gotta go play now! I'll be back in a few!" I said "Have a great show!" He said, "Thanks!" -- Elaine Flynn, The Mad Hatter

[Now, I ask ya... Could my friends be any cooler? I just don't see how that's possible!]

MR. HAMILTON, CLICK THIS WAY: Visit Eric Sardinas' Official Site | Hear Official MP3 Samples | Book The Band | Hook the Webmistress up with Backstage Passes (LOL!)

The Band >> press and media >> guitar world - december 2003 - black & blues

Becky is bucking for sainthood... and personally, I'm inclined to give it to her! She's sent in her high-res scan of Guitar World's December 2003 Eric Sardinas feature, "Black & Blues." Good stuff! View the article HERE.

EXCERPT: "...I communicate best when it's stripped down and straight ahead. It's like being on the street corner. And if you can't deliver the goods there, maybe you can't deliver them at all." -- Eric Sardinas

NOVEMBER 2, 2003

Take Me Out of This World (attribution)

Webmistress >> slackin' off!

Mea culpa... I've been on another planet recently, and while there, I let RP slide [pun intended]. My inbox is also totally out-of-control. If I owe you an email reply or phone call, hang in there. I'll get to it as soon as I'm able. I'm also putting together a big site update, which will hopefully include pictures, video clips, and/or reviews from the Generations show in St. Louis, and this weekend's Southern California gigs -- Halloween at Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, and Saturday night at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach. Your patience will be amply rewarded... cross-my-heart!

NOVEMBER 3, 2003

Show Your Hands to The Ones Who Behold You (attribution)

The Live Show

I'm not feeling terribly witty today, so let's skip the idle chit-chat and go straight to the good stuff, shall we? Click on the following links to enjoy the latest fruits of fan labor:

my pictures >> 11-01-2003 >> blue cafe >> long beach, ca

my pictures >> 10-31-2003 >> cozy's >> sherman oaks, ca

amy's pictures >> 10-21-2003 >> generations >> st. louis, mo

amy's review >> 10-21-2003 >> generations >> st. louis, mo

Click to View My Blue Cafe Gallery
Click for ''Black & Blues''
Click to view Edith's Show Pics

edith w's live gallery: 10-17-2003 - healey's - toronto, ontario

Edith has sent in 14 picture scans from Friday night's show (15, actually, but one was unsalvageable... a mini-fatwa on the crappy processors). Included are 10 live shots, 2 shots of her signed Black Pearls CD (with all three autographs!), and two adorable money shots of herself with Eric. View Edith's gallery HERE; and, if you haven't already, read her show review HERE. Edith's "Getting Signed" and "I'm with The Band" shots have also been added to The Fans section.

lindadarlin's show review: 10-06-2003 - ram's head - annapolis, maryland

Linda has written a review of her first-ever Sardinas show, and is in the process of getting her pictures from that night to me. [Believe you me, when it comes to Linda and celebrities, you can always expect the whole shooting match!] Until her pics hit my desk and make their way onto the site, you can read Linda's show review HERE.

The Band >> press and media >> toronto star - oct. 16, 2003 - here's bad news:

eric sardinas' new black pearls disc -- a terrifying ride of hard-driving blues

Geoff Chapman has granted permission for his recent Sardinas article to be permanently mirrored here on RP. [Thank you, Mr. Chapman.] If you haven't already, click HERE to read this uber-supportive example of journalistic excellence.

Webmistress >> easter egg hunt

I said I would, and I have. There is a (kinda) good recent photo of me invisi-linked on the page. [I took it before church Saturday night. EEEEEEEEE!!!!] I ain't sayin' where it is, though. You wanna see it, you gotta find it. Happy hunting!

UPDATE 1!  becky's review - 10-23-2003 - george's majestic - fayetteville, ar

Sleeping Beauty has awakened, and written the afore-promised review (see below) of her first-ever Sardinas show last night. Click HERE to read Becky's ready-for-prime-time review, "The Devil Came Down to Dickson."

becky's teaser: 10-23-2003 - george's majestic - fayetteville, arkansas

Another first-timer reports in... "He came, he saw, he conquered. To quote my mother: "Eric kicked fuckin' ass!" I'll try and give the details tomorrow, and have pictures sometime next week. Right now I need to crash and burn with visions of Eric dancin' in my head... a girl's gotta get a little beauty sleep otherwise she can't impress sexy guitarists. I promise you woman, I'll write it up tonight on paper while it's still fresh in my mind then post it tomorrow when I'm a tad more awake. That man stole most of my energy. Gee whiz!"

[Ugh. Reviewus interruptus. It's so not fair!]

OCTOBER 21, 2003

Lord Almighty, I'm burnin' a hole where I lay! (attribution)

The Live Show/The Fans

ed's live gallery & mini-review: 10-18-2003 - george & harry's - dearborn, mi

Ed strikes again! He's updated his fan site with a mini-review (including new fan recruitment stats) and 17 pictures from Saturday night's show. To read Ed's remarks and see his new pics, visit his site's brand spanking new Gallery 4, HERE.

OCTOBER 24, 2003

And your mama scream! (attribution)

The Live Show/The Fans

UPDATE 2! becky's live gallery - 10-23-2003 - george's majestic - fayetteville, ar

So much for "sometime next week," LOL. Here they are, Becky's pictures from last night. There are eight pictures total -- six live shots, her Eric autograph, and [drum roll, please] THE MONEY SHOT! The Money Shot and her autograph have been added to "The Fans" section. Click HERE to view Becky's gallery.

Click to View Becky's Show Pics


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