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September 1-5, 2003

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DECEMBER 19, 2003

Now How The Hell Am I Gonna Make It Into New Year? (attribution)

The Live Show >> my pics >> 12-18-2003 >> mcmurphy's tavern >> pasadena, ca

Click to View My McMurphy's Pics

That's all, folks. Barring some miraculous development [Think Santa can stuff a power trio down my chimney?], the last live show of 2003 has come and gone. Click HERE to see my pics of this year's finale.

The Band / The Goods >> gear and endorsements >> paul loranger and carvin

The Gear and Endorsements pages have been updated to include Paul Loranger's Carvin Basses and Bass Amplifiers. [View Carvin's full-page Paul Loranger ad here: Small | Medium | Large.]

Paul plays the Carvin B4, XB75PL and LB75 through Carvin's R1000 Amp Head and RL810T Speaker Cabinet.

My gratitude to Josh Vittek and Richard Cruz at Carvin for sending in the ad and the information about Paul's endorsed models.

Click to View Carvin's Paul Loranger Ad

DECEMBER 21, 2003

Wishing You a Merry Solstice (& Joyous Saturnalia, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, et al.)

The Sounds >> house of blues break 06-04-01 >> eric sardinas: "sweetwater blues"

A Solstice Gift

From the collection of Justin Crafton (founder of the Dobro of Fire YahooGroup), here's a Solstice gift from me to you, in celebration of tonight, the longest night of the year. [Nerdy detail:  The 2003 solstice will happen at precisely 11:04 PM PST (7:04 UT).]

Click HERE to listen to Eric Sardinas' House of Blues Break (06-04-01). Windows users: right-click HERE and choose "Save Target As" to archive a permanent copy on your hard drive.

DECEMBER 23, 2003

Achtung (Noch Einmal) Deutsche Sardinas Fans! Deutschland im März und April

The Live Show

tour dates >> current >> germany in march and april

New Tour Dates from The Official Site:

New Live Pictures from Eric R. in NoCali:

eric r's pics >> 03-??-2002 >> moe's alley private party >> santa cruz, ca

eric r's pics >> 08-11-2001 >> jj's blues bar >> san jose, ca  ***FIXED!***

DECEMBER 29, 2003

Get Your Hands On My Bootlegs



Wanna see live Sardinas footage? Buy the new Live at The Astoria London DVD by the owner of Favored Nations, Steve Vai.