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what's new, other than the year?

JANUARY 16, 2004

Desperately Seeking Guitar Player Scans!

I need high-resolution scans (200-300 dpi) of the following GP articles and associated pics:

March ? 04 Guitar Player (Zakk Wilde on cover) - Eric Sardinas

January 04 Guitar Player - Dan and Justin Hawkins, The Darkness

In return, I'm willing to trade anything (or combination of things) in my Eric Sardinas, The Darkness, or general music collections.  Can ya help a Diva out? If so, please email me.


NAMM Show FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Are the guys gonna be at NAMM?

A. I don't know. If they are, it's not mentioned on The Official Site.

    UPDATE! Eric and Paul have been sighted. Is it too late to change my answer to 'yes'?

Q. How can I find out?

A. One idea: Check the schedules posted at the booths for their signature and endorsed gear:

Washburn | Dunlop | Carvin | Rivera | Pearl | Sabian | Ahead | Gibson | CAD | Seymour Duncan

Q. Are they performing live anywhere in Southern California during NAMM?

A. Not that I know of. If they are, it's not mentioned on The Official Site.

Q. Are you going to NAMM?

A. No, I'm not really a day person. (I love the night life. I got to boogie.)

    UPDATE! Veni, vidi, vici. (It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.)

Q. Are you going to any shows while NAMM is going on?

A. That is highly likely.

Q. Which ones?

A. I never make plans that far ahead, but here are some shows that sound good to me:


December 16-31

November 7-December 16

October 20-November 6

October 9-19

October 1-7

September 22-30

September 14-21

September 6-13

September 1-5


Sign the Guestbook

JANUARY 5, 2004

Now Dig This… (attribution)

New external links have been added to The Live Show database, including John Kindred's review of (and pictures of his ticket stub and the event poster from) the Grand Emporium show on October 24, 2003 in Kansas City; Intrepid Artist's factoid and live pic from the Sam The Record Man in-store in Toronto on October 17, 2003; and three live pictures from the Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival's official site (taken July 16, 2003).

The Sounds

extracurriculars >> eric sardinas

An Eric Sardinas extracurricular album appearance has been added, "Glass Eden." He is credited as an additional performer, and played dobro on track 12, "Do It To Yourself." [Click HERE to visit the official album page and listen to the song.]

bootlegs >> audio compact discs

I've added a section for my bootlegs to the page. [I know what you're thinking… Of course they're audio compact discs! What else could they be? Video DVD's, that's what. COMING SOON!]

The Fans

i'm with the band

Page 4 has been filled, so we're now working on Page 5. Check out the new additions, then go get busy snapping and sending in those Money Shots!

getting signed

What we have here is a skin-intensive update... complete with autographed backside, major breasticles, and one very well-dressed thumb.

Fun & Games >> funnies >> new strips

The Band >> press & media

the arkansas traveler >> 10-29-03 >> delta domination

EXCERPT: One might place Sardinas in the same category as Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Jonny Lang, but even though those guys are good, they couldn't even think about having the same energy. Sardinas' ability surpasses anyone of today; he and Jimi Hendrix must have known each other in a past life… [View the scan and read the entire article HERE.]

The Live Show

tour dates >> current  >> See Intrepid Artists (unconfirmed)

concert reviews, tour pics, etc. >> external websites

Click to read ''Delta Domination''

new contest  >> the ihumpthings.com challenge!

Objective: To increase the level of entropy in the universe, one Sardinas show at a time.


1. Read Humping 101. Browse ihumpthings.com for examples of excellence in humping.

2. Find and hump an Eric Sardinas Signature Model Resonator (Washburn ES10 or ES20) OR any of the actual gear used by the band during live performances (must be onstage at an actual live venue!) OR any of the band members (must be a spontaneous hump: no obtaining permission in advance, and NO STAGED HUMPS!).

3. Take a picture and write a brief description to document your activities.

4. Submit the picture and description to ihumpthings.com. CC me.

5. Wait for your picture to be published on the site.

6. Email me the link to your picture (once published) and your shipping address.

The Prize: Each and every fan who crosses the proverbial finish line (other than me) will NOT receive copies of my imaginary Eric Sardinas rarities (which don't exist).

Q. I might go to some/one of those shows, and it would be cool to meet another Sardinas fan, but I don't know what you look like…?

A. Lucky you! But seriously… Send me an email and let me know your plans. We can work it out.

JANUARY 9, 2004

The 2004 Tour

The Live Show >> tour dates >> current  >> From The Official Site:








January 13

January 14

January 15

January 16

January 17

January 18

January 19

OWL @ The Gig

Lemmy @ The Cat Club

Baz Luhrmann's La Boheme, Cast I Preview @ The Ahmanson (tickets)

The Starfuckers + Special Guests @ The Cat Club

Murderdolls @ The Key Club

James Brown @ House of Blues - Sunset

Gilby Clarke & Fifi Larue @ The Pressbox - Anaheim (FLYER)

Eric Johnson & Tony Furtado @ Ventura Theater

Josh Todd (Buckcherry) @ The Whisky

Gilby Clarke & Lynch Mob @ House of Blues - Sunset

Eric Johnson & Tony Furtado @ The Key Club

Metal Shop & The Thornbirds (f.k.a. The Ducks) @ The Viper Room