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JANUARY 21, 2004

Just Follow the Setting Sun


JANUARY 17, 2004

It wasn't that hard just to figure you out


The Band >> press and media (now listed on its own page)

guitar with dan cross - oct 29, 2003 - steve vai interview after a g3 show

BRIEF SARDINAS MENTION: ''I have a small label called Favored Nations and basically the music we release has turned out to be guitar players. I get tapes all of the time. Some of them are spectacular. There's still a very strong underground movement of people who want to do great things on the guitar. Because of this label that I have, I get to hear a lot of them. I've released a couple of records from phenomenal players. This one guy, Johnny A, from Boston, plays music that is so accessible and warm and melodic. Then there's Eric Sardinas, who is like this devil, slide, dobro player. I've taken him on tour with me three times. He's the most charismatic performer I think I've ever seen… So there are still, even though with pop music and what's on the radio these days, it's not very guitar virtuostic driven, a lot of people out there who are playing the hell out of the instrument. [Click HERE to read the entire article on About.com.]

hartford/valley advocate >> may 22, 2003 >> staying true to tradition

EXCERPT: ''I electrified my resonator in 1990 when I was 18 years old, long before anybody else was thinking about it. I took an old pickup and just drilled holes in it. The guitars I play are crude, go outta tune, but it's my own thing, a traditional blues instrument and I make it what it is for me, everything from a weeping willow to a chain saw. This is me.'' (Eric Sardinas) [Click HERE to read the entire article.]

daily nebraskan >> aug 28, 2001 >> sardinas brings unique guitar style to zoo bar

EXCERPT: Sardinas pushes the barriers of live performance. He sings in the old Delta-blues style. He dances with the crowd while finger-picking solos on his Dobro. He slides his guitar with beer bottles, sprays himself and solos more. He's a performer, but he doesn't let his raucous on-stage behavior interfere with the quality of his music. ''I draw energy from where I find it in myself,'' Sardinas said of his concert shenanigans. ''The music brings out a different aspect of me. If the audience feels it (the performance), it comes right back to me.'' [Click HERE to read the entire article.]

The Sounds

discography >> treat me right >> ''get along rider'' >> tabulature @ voes.be

Guitarist Patrick DPFS Voes' band includes ''Get Along Rider'' in their live set, and Patrick has published his tablature on his site. A link to his tab has been added to the ''Rider'' lyric page. [Click HERE to view Patrick's tab.]

extracurriculars >> mike dupke >> black holiday

A Mike Dupke extracurricular album appearance has been added, the self-titled debut album Black Holiday. Mike is listed as Black Holiday's drummer, and played on all of the album tracks. [Click HERE to visit Black Holiday's Official Site. Click HERE for purchasing information and to download official MP3's.]

The Fans >> i'm in the band

A new section has been added to ''The Fans'' section, ''I'm in The Band.'' This is a list of links to Sardinas fans' band websites. Are you a fan with a band of your own, and a website for your band? Email me a link to the site, and I'll add you and your band to the list.

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Webmistress >> desperately seeking january 2004 guitar player article or scan!

I still need a hard copy or high-resolution scan (300 dpi) of GP's January 2004 Dan and Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) feature (and any other articles about/pictures of The Darkness, too!). In return, I'm willing to trade anything (or combination of things) in my Eric Sardinas, The Darkness, or general music collections.  Can ya help a Diva out? If so, please email me.


March 2004 Guitar Player Eric Sardinas article

Sept./Oct. 2002 drum! Mike Dupke article

The Live Show

tour dates >> current >> japan 2004 tour

The 2004 Tour kicks off this weekend with a two-night stand in The Land of The Rising Sun. If you're lucky enough to find yourself in Japan, here's where it's all at:

01-23-04 >> shinsaibashi club quattro >> osaka, japan (INFO)

01-24-04 >> shibuya club quattro >> tokyo, japan (INFO)

emmanuelle's concert pictures

Emmanuelle in Aix-en-Provence, France has sent in 95 live pictures taken at eight separate European performances spanning almost three years! Here they are, Emmanuelle's galleries:

03-20-2003 >> magic mirrors >> beauvais, france

04-20-2002 >> zenith omega live >> toulon, france

04-19-2002 >> fnac store >> toulon, france

11-26-2001 >> la moulin >> marseille, france

07-22-2001 >> baden powell garden >> salo, italy

12-14-2000 >> la boite >> barcelona, spain

12-13-2000 >> la boite >> barcelona, spain

04-01-2000 >> la laiterie >> strasbourg, france

[Merci beaucoup  de m'envoyer les grandes images, et la carte postale et la pièce de monnaie merveilleuses, Emmanuelle.  :)]

The Sounds >> rarities >> video

JUST IN from justin crafton:

My ES collection has experienced a growth spurt, thanks to Justin Crafton (founder of the Dobro of Fire YahooGroup). He's sent in the following videos - some as VHS, some as DVD. I believe all of this content will fit on a single disc or tape, so I plan to create compilations in both formats. As soon as I do, I'll announce it here on The Latest… then I'll brace myself for the next deluge of requests!

young guitar >> january 2002 >> eric sardinas [slide blues force]

Four demonstrations with instructional examples. [Imagine Eric Sardinas sitting on the couch in your living room, showing you how it's done.]

young guitar >> august 2003 >> dvd mag excerpt >> eric sardinas

Two demonstrations with instructional examples.

jammin tv special (greece) >> ~ 04-18-2000 >> thessaloniki, greece

Shot with a live studio audience, a great interview of Steve Vai and Eric Sardinas toward the end of their tour together. The interview is followed by DLR's "Just Like Paradise" music video, and a live Sardinas performance montage of the instrumental "F.R.O.N.D." [not the actual title, but I have to call it something] and "Down in The Bottom" -- including Paul's bass solo, the trip through the audience, and yes… beer bottle slide! Oh lordy mama! [Not the greatest picture or sound quality, but still extremely cool, especially the live footage… and Steve Fuckin' Vai gushing over Eric!]

COMING SOON from david in spain:

I've known about this for a while, but I haven't received it yet... And the suspense is absolutely killin' me! So, what with misery loving company and all, I've decided to go ahead and announce its existence prematurely. Here goes:

imaginary live DVD! >> 03-28-2003 >> sala caracol >> madrid, spain

Tada! Now we can all be on pins and needles together. God, I hate waiting... don't you?

The Band >> press & media

drum! >> sept/oct 2002 >> shuffling on the cusp:

5 blues drummers who kick ass

mike dupke - eric sardinas band: the new guy

EXCERPT: "There is a certain vibe and enthusiasm that happens when the band hits the stage, and I'm especially happy to be a part of that enthusiasm now. We get up there and you couldn't peel the grin off my face with a crowbar. It's an absolute blast." - Mike Dupke [Read the entire article and view scans HERE.]

COMING SOON (honest):

guitar player >> march 2004 >> eric sardinas

Click to read the article

JANUARY 23, 2004

My depth perception must be off again


The Sounds

rarities >> DVD >> 03-28-2003 >> sala caracol >> madrid, spain

[Begin hallucination] It's here! It just came in the mail, and I'm watching it for the first time as we speak. It begins with an introduction, then a root menu loads (very professional-looking), then a picture slideshow flashes over what sounds like the beginning of the concert. The slideshow includes lots of pics from this site. (I should know, I took some of 'em!) Tres cool. I'm guessing the videographer couldn't get a clear shot at first, so instead of leaving the viewer to stare at nothing (or the joggling of the camera), the DVD editor put the slideshow in as eye-candy. Then the live picture starts. It looks to me like the videographer was in the pit, just in front of Paul's monitor. The stage was pretty high up (about chest-level with the audience), so it wasn't the best spot for shooting a show, angle-wise… Eric is shot mostly in profile (so far), and it looks like the monitor is blocking the shooter's view of Paul and Mike. The sound quality varies… it sounds great in some spots, not-so-great in others. Still, I'm lovin' it! Okay, that's all for now. I'll post more after I've watched the whole thing! [End hallucination]