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JANUARY 26, 2004

I get the picture, but I just can't resist.


The Live Show

jérôme cousin's pictures >>  4-19-02 >> fnac store >> toulon, france

From my inbox:

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JANUARY 25, 2004

Nice Boys Don't Play Rock n' Roll


The Sounds

imaginary rarities >> DVD >> 03-28-2003 >> sala caracol >> madrid, spain

MY REVIEW! [Begin hallucination] Oh holy Jesus… What can I say? Okay, let me compose myself… Look, if you've never seen Eric Sardinas live, nothing I write is going to do an adequate job of describing this DVD to you. It's just not possible to put into words. (At least, not for me!) But if you HAVE seen Eric Sardinas live, let me tell you this: THIS DVD CAPTURES THE LIVE ERIC SARDINAS EXPERIENCE! I got goosebumps watching it! I almost peed my pants! (TMI?) My hair stood on end! (And that's sayin' somethin', 'cuz I've gotta lotta hair!) I can't wait for tomorrow to get here, so I can go to the Post Office and overnight this DVD to my father! He's a guitarist, and I've been not-so-subtly poking and prodding him to make the long road trip to go see one of the band's Texas gigs. He has been stubbornly uncooperative thus far. Well, this should put an end to THAT! I swear… If this DVD was required viewing at music industry events -- such as the Radio and Records Convention -- Eric Sardinas would blow up HUGE. Unfortunately, there is simply no justice in this f'ed-up world of ours, so we fans are just going to have to keep spreading the word our way: by dragging family, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers into the light. (Hey, it's good work if you can get it!)

Sermon's over… Now for the details:

CHAPTER LISTING (by Producer David Ortega):


Imperial Strut

I Can't Be Satisfied

Unknown [Get Along Rider]

Flames of Love

Instrumental / Solos / Band Introductions

Piece of Me

Come on in My Kitchen

The Fire Go Down

Going to The River

Down in The Bottom / Treat Me Right


This recording was obviously stealthed. There are portions where there is no picture, or the picture is out-of-focus, or the picture doesn't include any of the band members. This is to be expected in a recording of this nature.

The videographer's position (standing in front of Paul Loranger's monitor) required that he shoot Eric mostly in profile, so it is not always possible to see what those hands of his are doing. The videographer's position also made it virtually impossible for him to get any shots of Mike Dupke on drums; and he was only able to shoot Paul when he (Paul) moved toward center-stage, or out from behind his monitor.

When the shot isn't very good, or doesn't include the band member whose talents are being showcased at that moment, the DVD producer inserts images to let you see what you're missing (in a manner of speaking). He did a great job, with one goof -- a picture of Scott Palacios appears during part of one drum solo.

The DVD is not raw concert footage. (That, I'd love to see!) Portions of some songs seem to be missing (maybe security was getting suspicious), and downtime between songs appears to have been edited out (I'm not certain if this was an aesthetic choice, or if the editing was necessary to make the concert fit onto a single DVD).

The sound quality and volume varies, but for the vast majority of the DVD, it is positively EXCELLENT. [End hallucination]


discography >> angel face (cd single) >> lyrics

I was recently given this CD single to add to my ES collection. I've transcribed (to the best of my limited ability) the lyrics for all three tracks, and added them to the CD single's song pages.

Hello, I am Jérôme, from France.

I work in the FNAC store of Toulon, where Eric Sardinas played a small gig on April 19, 2002. I took some pictures of the show and backstage. Here is a selection of the best ones.

Eric was invited in the FNAC store by a co-worker, Antoine, who is an ENORMOUS fan (and appears on some of the pictures!). I think he will contact you very soon now.

And congratulation for your Website! Really great one.


Click to view Jérôme's gallery

[Click HERE to view Jérôme's in-store pictures.]

david ortega's screen captures >> 3-28-03 >> sala caracol >> madrid, spain

David has sent in six screen captures from his live DVD, for use on the DVD case liner. Click HERE to see his screen caps, and get a preview of coming attractions! And now, an email on this very subject:

Antoine with The Band


I was just visiting your Eric Sardinas website. (Excellent website, by the way!) Noticed the news about an Eric live DVD! Maybe in my excitement, I missed it, but I would like to know where to get the DVD. I'm a HUGE Sardinas fan! (I will be at the Blue Cafe this Sat. for the show. Can't wait.)

I've been waiting for a Sardinas video… As you know, his performance must be seen to be believed!

You probably already know, since you are a Sardinas expert, that Eric does appear on the last song on the new live Steve Vai DVD, "Live at the Astoria, London." The song is called "The Attitude Song." As much as I like Steve Vai, I think Eric steals the show on this one song.

Please let me know when/where I can get the E.S. DVD… Thanks.

Jim McCarty

Click to Visit Steve Vai's Official Site

"A Sardinas Expert," you say? Flattery will get you everywhere, LOL… But, seriously, thanks for the info about the live Vai DVD. That one breezed right by me. (I think I thought it was filmed recently?) I will add it to The Sounds.

Now, about the Eric Sardinas Live in Madrid DVD:

Buy the DVD



Wanna see live Sardinas footage?

Buy the new Live in Astoria DVD by the owner of Favored Nations, Steve Vai.