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FEBRUARY 23, 2004

Give me a F-F-French…


The Band >> press & media

Emmanuelle C. has sent in scans of two Eric Sardinas articles from French guitar magazines. If (like me) you don't read French, you can still enjoy the pictures. Click the following links to view Emmanuelle's scans:


February 13-20

January 27-February 12

January 25-26

January 17-24

January 1-16


December 16-31

November 7-December 16

October 20-November 6

October 9-19

October 1-7

September 22-30

September 14-21

September 6-13

September 1-5

August 1-31

FEBRUARY 21, 2004

Give me lessons on how to breathe, 'cuz I think I've forgotten


The Live Show / The Fans

rick & cathy cheeseman >> 02-19-04 >> famous dave's >> minneapolis, mn

Click to View Rick's live Pics

The Luckiest Woman

in Minneapolis!

My bestest buddies Rick and Cathy Cheeseman caught Thursday night's show at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis, and returned with The Works -- live pictures, reviews, band autographs, a getting signed pic of guitarist Dave Lambert with his resonator (which Eric not only signed, but gave an impromptu recital on!), and MONEY SHOTS out the yin-yang. This was Rick's second Sardinas show, but Cathy's very first! She had her doubts about going [NOTE TO CATHY: Never doubt The Diva!], which lasted all of about 3 nanoseconds into the show!

So… Exactly how great of a time did Cathy have? Check her smile, and see for yourself----->

…Then click the following links to see and read all about it:

rick cheeseman's live pics (80 pictures on 2 pages)

pictures 1-40 | pictures 41-80

cathy cheeseman's review

EXCERPT: his hands were a blur and I was at a loss - how can anyone's hands move that fast? It seemed impossible. I found myself many times during the night with my mouth hanging open in amazement - how does he do that? The guitar appears to be an extension of Eric's soul - more so than any other guitarist I've ever seen. He is one with it, and the sounds he produces are amazing.

rick cheeseman's review

EXCERPT: …there he [Eric] was, producing spine-tingling riffs that alternately straightened and curled the hairs on the back of my neck! Mike Dupke was more animated this time around on the drums, jumping and wailing on the skins with more abandon than I've seen before. It looked like he really enjoyed being a part of the music, making it just that much more crazed and frenetic. Paul Loranger was bitingly crisp on the bass, yet smooth and sweet as an Amaretto & 7.

tour dates >> current >> new and/or shuffled dates

From The Official Site (confirmed) and Pollstar (unconfirmed):

Click HERE for the updated tour schedule.

Click to View the Full-Size Version

FEBRUARY 22, 2004

You don't recover from a night like this.


The Live Show / The Fans

juanmi's live pics >> 07-07-03 >> jazz & blues a benidorm >> benidorm, spain

Juanmi in Spain has sent in 37 of the 44 pictures he took at the Jazz & Blues a Benidorm Festival this summer. (I'm trying to talk him into submitting the other seven, which he says are lame, but I want a shot at punching up.) Juanmi's gallery includes a soundcheck pic, 33 live shots, two getting signed pics, and THE MONEY SHOT -- Juanmi and his Plus One with Eric Sardinas! Take a look at this sample picture from Juanmi's gallery--------->

Now… Is that a great live shot, or it that a GREAT live shot?

I concur! Click HERE to view Juanmi's live gallery.

NOW ON KNAC.COM! Justin Crafton's Review:

Eric Sardinas Live at Roadhouse Blues in Wichita, KS on February 13th, 2004

Read Justin's Review on KNAC.com

Justin (a.k.a. Tokemaster General) is all about spreading the word, and he's done just that! Click HERE to read Justin's expanded review on KNAC.com.

Oh, and thanks for the plug, Justin!  (Now, why does that sound dirty to me?)

guitariste (france) >> 2001 >>blues fax: devil's slide

guitarre & basse (france) >> 2003 >> eric sardinas

Webmistress >> desperately seeking…

Click to View ''Blues Fax: Devil's Slide''
Click to View ''Eric Sardinas''

gitarre & bass (germany) >> november 2003 >> black pearls & blue notes

If you can help me find a hard copy or high-resolution scan of this article, please email me.

FEBRUARY 24, 2004

Want to be a winner?  Want to be the man?

Want to make yourself insane?  Join up with the band.


The Band >> gear >> eric sardinas signature resonator guitar >> warpdrive music


Warpdrive Music

2637 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

website: warpdrivemusic.com

phone:    414-481-3430

toll-free: 800-800-0087

If you're in the market for a Washburn ES20 -- The Eric Sardinas Signature Model Resonator Guitar -- look no further than Warpdrive Music! They stock ES20's, and guarantee the lowest price on the model. (An ES20 with hardshell case retails for $1428; Warpdrive's price is $799.) FYI: Warpdrive deals regularly with international customers, so they'll have no trouble hooking you non-US fans up. For more info, or to order your very own ES20, call or email the folks at Warpdrive:

Click to Visit Warpdrive's Website

Tell 'em The Diva sent you, and get a free set of Gibson Dobro strings with your order!

Click to View Guitar

The ES-20 Signature Model Resonator Guitar

$799 w/ Hardshell Case

(girl not included)

FEBRUARY 25, 2004

All You True Believers…


The Band >> press & media

gitarre & bass (germany) >> november 2003 >> black pearls & blue notes

Maike has translated Gitarre & Bass' November 2003 Eric Sardinas feature -- "Black Pearls & Blue Notes" -- from German to English, for posting here on RP, and is working on sending in scans of the article, too. [Thanks, Maike!]

EXCERPT: On his little finger he wears a messed-up looking slide made of metal. "That's my good-luck-slide," explains Eric. "I have used it for thousands of concerts. This thing landed in the audience, behind the stage, and somehow I always got it back. I'm not superstitious, but I set my heart on this slide."

[Click HERE to read Maike's translation of "Black Pearls & Blue Notes."]

The Fans >> newly converted >> cathy lee

From my Inbox:

Click to read ''Black Pearls & Blue Notes''
Cathy Lee and Eric Sardinas

From: Cathy Lee

To: Rick Cheeseman

Subject: RE: You at the Eric Sardinas Show - 02-19-2004


Thank you sooooooo very much for taking
these pictures for me... I'll always cherish these shots and have you to thank for being gracious enough to take them for me... (I always, always carry my camera with me, and for some reason I didn't have it that night...)

That was the first time I had seen Eric play. I really don't have the words to describe what I saw (musical epiphany?!). I just know somehow, in some way, I'm different than I was before the show. I had been listening to Eric's CD's for a couple of months... loving them... but nothing -- (NOTHING!) -- could have prepared me for the show Eric and the guys put on. I wandered around in a daze for a couple of days afterwards, trying to process it…

I am among the converted. I will be an Eric fan forever.

Thank you!

Cathy Lee

P.S. I spent quite a bit of time at respectperfection.com last week. I felt like I had found kindred spirits out there. People who were moved like I was, who felt exactly like I felt... I'm glad you were at the show, I'm glad I got to meet you and Cathy, and I'm glad you turned me on to such a cool website! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

[I am definitely feelin' the love… Group hug!]


I thought about emailing you about my experience, but it seems I'm still having trouble finding the words to describe it.

Since the show, I have alerted friends in Arkansas and Germany that Eric is on his way, and they plan to head out to see him, too. I'm doing my best to increase his fan base. ;-)

Feel free to use my email to Rick below. I'd be flattered to be included on your site. If you ever make it to Minnesota, give me a buzz. I'll take you out for a beer.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource for all of the Eric fans!

Newly converted,


Eric Sardinas with Cathy Lee's Posse