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SAM's pictures >> 02-26-04 >> tribeca >> new york, ny

From my Inbox:

Hey, My name is Sam from Monsey, NY. I went to see Eric at the Tribeca Rock Club NYC w/ my parents. Man, what a show! I've never seen anybody play slide guitar that fast.

I first became of fan of Eric when I first watched the Steve Vai: Live at the Astoria London DVD. During the extended version of "the Attitude Song," Steve had this guy with a Dobro come out and jam with him. I was amazed when this guy did some of the coolest slide solos I've ever heard. So I vowed to find out more about him, and I ordered all 3 of his CDs a few weeks later.

Back to the show, prior to the performance, me and my dad managed to go backstage and meet Eric and the band. One of the things that I liked is that He's really humble and very nice. He took the time to autograph my CD covers and even gave me one of his finger picks! Only downside: I had a brain cramp and I forgot to bring my camera down with me, so no Money Shot. Oh well, maybe next time.

I also took some pics of the two opening acts - Super400 and Crossbow. They were pretty good - unlike so many modern rocks acts, they actually had guitar solos (seems like soloing is making a comeback). I even bought Super400's CD and had the bass player sign it - and managed to take a picture with her.

Well anyway I took some nice pics, which I give the links to - I tried to send a zip file, but it was just to darn big. I have the other pics besides Eric too - I hope you don't mind. (Super400 is the one with the female bass player.) Here you go:



Thanks for the killer pics, Sam! Everyone, click HERE for Sam's internal gallery. Oh, and if you have LOTS of pics for RP, let me know so I can set you up to FTP directly onto my server.  :)

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The Band >> press & media

villager journal >> sept 24-30, 2003 >> blues in the park: keeping tradition alive

EXCERPT: Headlining this year's event was Eric Sardinas, a West Coast guitar-slinger, who along with his rhythm section of drum and bass, evoked memories of Johnny Winter and the late Stevie Ray Vaughan… The Dobro-playing Sardinas, draped completely in black, wowed those in attendance with the mastery of his instrument, tossing off fiery bottleneck riffs with machine-gun precision…

[Click HERE to read the entire article, and view the article scan.]

The Sounds >> bootography* >> compact discs (cds)

Internet research has unearthed information about two more unofficial live recordings, which have been added to the bootography*:

*In order to offer as comprehensive a discography as is practicable, information regarding unofficial live recordings is presented on this site for educational purposes only. Yada yada yada… Second verse, same as the first

FEBRUARY 26, 2004

***UPDATED February 28, 2004***

Only you know how I've waited for this to be mine


The Sounds >> bootography* >> video tapes (vhs) and digital video discs (dvd)

Internet research has unearthed information about two more unofficial recordings -- a television interview and a pro-shot concert -- available on both VHS and DVD, which have been added to the bootography*:

Live at The

Lafayette Tap Room

Buffalo, NY

May 24, 2003

Live at Healey's

Toronto, Ontario

October 17, 2003

Jodie Payne with Eric Sardinas

FEBRUARY 27, 2004

And if it please u, baby… please u, baby


The Fans >> i'm with the band >> jodie payne with eric

From my Inbox:

Here's a picture of myself (Jodie Payne) with Eric 2-24-04 @ the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY. It was the first time I saw his band & I'm hooked! …  thanks :) 

[Click the thumbnail to see Jodie with Eric. --------->]

Sofia Music Enterprises

Presents Eric Sardinas Live

April 16, 2000 - Sofia, Bulgaria

National Palace of Culture

Eric Sardinas Interview

Jyrki TV - MTV3 - Finland



*In order to offer as comprehensive a discography as is practicable, information regarding unofficial live recordings is presented on this site for educational purposes only. Blah blah blah… You know the drill

FEBRUARY 28, 2004

Camera dollied into place...


The Live Show/The Fans

LISA K's pictures >> 02-27-2004 >> cafe classics >> doylestown, PA

Mmmm, and Mmmm, and some more Mmmm. What a show! We had a blast last night. Eric was sweet, Mike was sweet, and I just love Paul. He was very cool, and wow, what a bass player. Anyway, back to the show....how fucking smoking is that man, huh? Shit, I was just blown away by his talent, and I sure let him know so. Very nice guy, personable too. I'll send ya a few pics. I didn't take that many, I like to just watch, and enjoy the show.

Let me know if you get these.


Got 'em… Thanks, Lisa! Sounds like you had an AWESOME time… And hey, how 'bout them Money Shots?  ------->


Everyone, click HERE to view Lisa's gallery.

Lisa K. with Eric Sardinas
Barbara W. with Eric Sardinas