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FEBRUARY 29, 2004

You Are The Fire


The Band >> press & media

eric sardinas interview >> jyrki tv - mtv3 finland >> 2000 >> transcript

A transcript of this 4 1/2 minute television interview has been added. Unfortunately, the questions are in Finnish (which is Greek to me). If you are willing and able translate the questions into English, please email me. [Click HERE to read the transcript.]

guitar & bass (france) >> ? 2003 >> eric sardinas

Maike has translated Guitar & Bass' brief 2003 article, "Eric Sardinas" from French to English, for posting here on RP. Thanks, Maike! [Click HERE to read Maike's translation of "Eric Sardinas."]

The Live Show/The Fans/The Sounds >> live pictures and questions from JUANMI

From my Inbox:


I've just sent you four more pictures of Eric's Benidorm show. It would be good pictures if it didn't be so dark, well except the one with only his guitar and his bottle of beer… Then you have 41 pictures out of 44, the other three pictures doesn't appear Eric, are me and two friends out of the concert, going back home (without interest).

Tammy, you have a lot of pictures of Eric's concerts, but in which of them appear Eric burning his guitar?

And another question, please, I know that
Black Pearls has been released in Japan with a bonus track (Green Tea, with Steve Vai and Eric Sardinas, which I found on Guitar.com tour, I recorded it while it sounds when you are touring into the web), but Treat Me Right and Devil's Train has been released in Japan with bonus tracks too? I've got all original albums of Eric (even Angel Face cd-single thanks to Amazon) and believe me, here in Alicante [Spain] is difficult to get them!

I read your news every week. And good job correcting the bad pictures! very good! thanks a lot!

Keep on rockin'!!!!! See you soon, my friend.


Okay, I've been expecting that these particular questions would be asked sooner or later, but first things first…

Here are Juanmi's four new pictures, which have been added to his gallery:

JUANMI's live pictures >> 07-07-2003 >> jazz & blues a benidorm >> benidorm, spain >> new pictures >> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Thanks, Juanmi, and I do plan to continue rocking. ;)

… And now to try to answer your questions:

Q. Which pictures on this site feature TDOF (The Dobro of Fire)?

A. No, I've never seen TDOF live. Wait… that wasn't your question, was it? [Still, I can't pass up an opportunity to point out this grave injustice!] Here is your answer, as far as I can tell:


By Marcus Hagner (undated)

By You (Juanmi), 3-picture series (Picture 1 | 2 | 3), 07-07-2003

By Laura Hawkins, 05-10-2002

By Henry Benson, 05-26-2001

By Emmanuelle C., 11-26-2001

By Emmanuelle C., 2-picture series (Picture 1 | 2), 12-13-2000

… and I am working on getting some pictures of TDOF taken by David Ortega on 03-28-2003.

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Speaking of that trippy track, have you heard it played in reverse? WICKED! It sounds just as cool backwards as forwards! Oh, and if you're wondering what words are being spoken backwards at the beginning, the answer is a very leisurely "One… two… three" count-off by (I think) Eric Sardinas. [Answer courtesy of TalkBackwards.com.]

Now, I would love to put an MP3 out there of the trippy track in reverse, but I've got a funny feeling that would bring down the wrath of PIHP (People in High Places). So, instead, I'm going to make available the spoken-word part only (4-second MP3, 70.6 KB). That should be okay, right? I mean, it sounds just like the count-offs Eric did on King Biscuit Time, and that audio file's still online...

So, click HERE to hear "The Trippy Track Vocal Unreversed." Windows-users, right-click HERE and choose "Save Target As" to archive a permanent copy on your hard drive.

[SIDEBAR TO PIHP: If making available these four seconds of audio is not copacetic, please email me (Subject: NO 1-2-3!), and I will take them right back down. (You know I will. Once a pushover, always a pushover…)]

Q. What Eric Sardinas import albums feature bonus tracks?

A. When buying imports, your best bet for bonus content is usually the Japanese version of any given album. (This is only fair, since Japan is the world's leading Superpower when it comes to music fans.) All three Eric Sardinas albums are available as Japanese imports. These imports have obi strips (Japanese labeling along the spine -- see Black Pearl's obi strip ---->), and come with biographical info and song lyrics, which are not part of the CD booklets included in the American releases.

Regarding bonus tracks on these Japanese imports: Treat Me Right has none; Devil's Train has none (although "8 Goin' South" is incorrectly labeled as one); and Black Pearls has one ("Green Tea," featuring Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan). Now, you may run across import versions of Black Pearls which claim to include two bonus tracks, but this is misleading. The second bonus track is an untitled/unnumbered hidden track, but it is included on the stateside release, as the last 50-or-so seconds of "Wicked Ways." (You know the one I mean… It's that trippy track at the end of the disc that starts with backmasking, and ends with Eric's signature "BAUMP!" thumb-pluck.)

Obi Strip from ''Black Pearls'' Japanese Import CD

MARCH 1, 2004

I got all the answers, lo and behold


The Band >> press & media

guitarist (france) >> february 2002 >> eric sardinas: crazy slide!

Emmanuelle C. has sent in scans of Guitarist's (France) February 2002 4-page article/lesson "Eric Sardinas: Crazy Slide!" The article is written in French, so I'll try to get it translated into English for us Yanks. Until then…

Click HERE to view the Emmanuelle's scans.

Click to view ''Eric Sardinas: Crazy Slide''

MARCH 2, 2004

The Be All And End All


The Fans >> chuck thompson (tomcat) & his plus-one, annette

From my Inbox:

Hello Tammy,

Let me begin by saying this is a very well done web site! My name is Chuck Thompson and I just had to e-mail you! My girlfriend Annette and myself have been huge fans of Eric and the band for two years now. Basically, since the first time we saw him we were hooked. We have seen him no less than three times every time he comes to the northeast. I believe we are up to twelve times now and we still can't get enough. We first saw the band at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse NY tuesday august 7th 2002. I know that because there is a signed
Devil's Train poster on the wall next to me with the date on it! However, we had the pleasure of seeing him on a tuesday night and everyone (including us!) had to work early the next morning. well It didn't matter we weren't leaving for anything. Despite no sleep we worked all the next day and that night it was off to Rochester, NY (about 2 hrs from home) we couldn't resist even though we had to work again the following day. What were we thinking! Well you understand i'm sure. [Yes, I do!]

Then the following weekend you guessed it off to Buffalo, NY. Every time is always as exciting as the last. We have become a little smarter now and take time off and get Hotel rooms. The guys have come to know us and we often have the pleasure of hanging after the show and enjoying a few laughs and some lovely beverages. The clubs we go to are fairly small and everyone seems to clear out after the show allowing us some cool one on one time to bullshit about movies the weather or whatever!

Yesterday 2/29/04 we just got home from two shows.
Doyleston, PA (café classics) and Springfield, MA (Theodore's) I think we did about 12 hours of driving. I suppose it is like coming off the mountain top and getting back to reality. Can't wait for more!!! Thanks a lot for listening and keep up the good work!

P.S. Keep in touch!!


Chuck! Awesome email! So... did you get any goodies at these shows you went to, that you might like to share on my site? Live pics? Money shots? Autographs? Etc.? Let me know… And thanks again for writing me. LOVED your email!

PS: Say "Howdy" to Annette for me…  :)

Webmistress >> diva-approved >> the be all and end all!

OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD! Today is a good day to be The Diva! My babies' daddies, a.k.a. The Darkness, have released a brand new video for their next single (and my favorite ballad from their debut album, "Permission to Land"), "Love Is Only a Feeling!" Not only that, they've put the video online for all the Universe to enjoy! God, I love this video, this song, this album, this BAND! Go watch their new video, then buy the album, and catch them live on their sold-out tour! You'll thank me later! ALL HAIL THE DARKNESS!