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The Live Show/The Fans/The Band >> 02-28-04 >> theodores' >> springfield, ma

From my Inbox:

Hi Tammy,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to chat with you.

We had a fabulous evening. Per usual Eric Sardinas was beyond spectacular! I have lots of pictures, which I will e-mail to you (hopefully tomorrow [that would be today]).

I had the pleasure of presenting the band with the key to The City of Agawam. Agawam is a city just over the river from Springfield, MA. Eric, Paul and Mike have a strong following in Agawam, I brought the Mayor to the last show… he was blown away! Being unable to attend Saturday night's concert he asked me to present the key to the city (ah, what a hardship!). The Springfield area (west of Boston) is rather small compared to Boston, we are thrilled that Sardinas comes to us, maybe the key to Agawam will solidify that they will continue to keep us on their list!

I think they were really surprised by the presentation and really thrilled. I actually got to be on stage… I hope you don't mind… I told them Agawam "Respects Perfection"! It was a thrill for me, I so appreciate good music and the effort all three of them put into a performance. I love to be entertained!!

The pictures came out great… as soon as I am home for more than 8 hours I will send them to you. (I need to quit my job and socialize more!)

Best regards,

Sue L.

1. THE KEY TO THE CITY? That may be the coolest expression of fan love reported on RP so far!

2. "Respect Perfection?" You hope I don't MIND? Are ya kiddin' me? I am speechless! WOW!

3. Can't wait to see your pictures… I sure hope you have some of the key presentation!

… And speaking of pics, here are a few by Chuck Thompson, some of which are from that same night, I think (UPDATE! Nope… My bad… Here are the corrected dates/galleries):

UPDATED! TOMCAT's live pics >> 02-27-04 >> cafe classics >> doylestown, pa

                                                     08-10-02 >> lafayette tap room >> buffalo, ny

                                                     08-07-02 >> dinosaur bbq >> rochester, ny

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From my Inbox: [Click HERE to read Chuck's first email.]

Hello again Tammy.

Let me send you a few pics. We still have some film to develop but we'll send a few good ones plus a couple of Annette's money shots!

Thanks for writing!!


I'm a wee bit confused about where Annette's Money Shots were taken (UPDATE! The Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester NY, on August 7th, 2002) but I'm perfectly clear on the fact that they are SO money, it's not even funny! 

Thanks for sharing 'em, and for sharing your live shots, too! I'm dying to see the rest! Send, send, SEND!

Annette with Eric Sardinas
Annette with Mike Dupke

MARCH 3, 2004

Take it from me:

That's the way it's supposed to be




Click to View Picture Click to View Picture Click to View Picture

MARCH 4, 2004

Whatcha got hidin'? Whatcha got goin'?


The Live Show/The Fans/

SUE L.'s live pics >> 2-28-04 >> theodores' >> springfield, ma UPDATED!

From my Inbox:

Sue L. & Tom with The Band

Hi Tammy, Here are some of the photos I promised, I will send more. Bar Sardinas - always a big hit when a performer takes to the bar! E. Sardinas on stage - speaks for itself. Sue and Tom with the Stars, The Sardinas - our favorite performer. Picture 018 and 017 is the presentation of the key to the city. I expect to get more from some friends.

Best Regards,


A great start… I am eagerly awaiting the rest!  Everyone, click HERE to see Sue L.'s live pictures.

MARCH 6, 2004

On dream crystal potions, behind silken sails


The Live Show/The Fans/

SUE L.'s live pics >> 2-28-04 >> theodores' >> springfield, ma UPDATED!

From my Inbox:

Annette & Chuck Thompson with The Band

Hi Tammy,

Here are the pictures original size (hopefully). Picture #36 -----> are some new friends "cheer leaders" we met that evening. They came from Bridgeport New York to see Eric Sardinas perform. Annette and Chuck (alias Tomcat), great people, lots of fun!

My brother was unable to get to the 3-4 show in Oklahoma, he was sent to Dallas (work, ugh!). He has invited Tom and I to spend time with he and his family in May….he was on the website and said Eric will be at the Oklahoma Blues Festival [May 7-8], we will all attend. He's a great brother (and a real nice guy). He is looking forward to meeting the band…he's a blast! I am looking forward to it.

Talk with you soon,


Sue L. with Eric Sardinas

Yep, I recognized Annette… So, that's the elusive TOMCAT, eh? Thanks for putting him in The Money Shot!  (I'm thinkin' he must be a camera-shy guy. It only took him, what… 13 shows to get in there? >:)

All y'all, click HERE to view Sue L.'s updated live gallery.

MARCH 7, 2004

My Little Texas Tornado, Blowin' Me Away Again


The Live Show/The Fans/

NANCY (Texas Vixen)'s live pics >> 3-05-04 >> iron horse pub >> wichita falls, tx

From my Inbox:

Ok girlie - I'm at my sister's house now - I got all The Money Shots on the server - she has dial up also (you know Texas is always 10 years behind the times - lol) - I copied all the files onto a disk that I am mailing to you - my sister works for FedEx, I'll see if she can overnight it for me (she's sleeping now) - 005 is a man named Keith with Eric, I met him last time I was at the Iron Horse (he was nice enough to share his table with me, so we did the same for him this time) I told him to check the site for his pic - 107 is Sarah and Paul - for some reason, I couldn't rename them…

Which brings me to 108 Eric & Me ---------------->

I renamed some of the pics and it told me they may become unstable, so that pic is on there twice, once renamed and once as 108 so that you can at least post the star of the show with the Texas Vixen. (LMAO - I just came up with that in my sleep-deprived state.)

I'm sorry if the others are screwy since I renamed them - I'll enclose a "cheat sheet" for the numbered files on the CD with the shipment.

Just send a note to let me know you understand my late night (early morning, whatever) ramblings.

Blues, Sex, & Peace

Nancy in Texas

I am 100% clear on everything, and I'm dyin' to get my paws on that disk! [COME ON, FEDEX!] Until then, everybody click HERE, and check out the first batch of Nancy's live pics, and all the fantastic Money Shots she got Friday at The Iron Horse Pub!

Nancy (Texas Vixen) with Eric Sardinas
Nancy (Texas Vixen) with Paul Loranger
Nancy (Texas Vixen) with Mike Dupke