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MARCH 8, 2004

But I've got something that you'll really like


The Live Show/The Fans/

RICK KILLIAN's live pics >> 02-27-04 >> cafe classics >> doylestown, pa

Laura Killian with Eric Sardinas
Rick Killian with Eric Sardinas

Rick Killian has sent in 17 pictures from the Doylestown show, including two great Money Shots of himself and his daughter with Eric Sardinas!

Rick and Laura's Money Shots kick off our seventh "I'm with The Band" page, HERE.

Rick also shot several very short live video clips (MPEGs with audio) at Cafe Classics that night. If you'd like copies of Rick's MPEGs, please email me (Subject: Rick's Killer Clips), and I will hook you up.

Click HERE to view Rick's live gallery.

The Band

press & media

gitarre & bass (germany) >> november 2003 >> black pearls & blue notes

Maike, RP's Resident Translator,  has sent in article scans of "Black Pearls & Blue Notes," to add to the excellent translation already posted. PC wallpaper from the article's photo has also been added. Click HERE to view Maike's scans and new wallpaper.

gitariste (france) >> 2001 >> blues fax: devil's slide

Maike has also sent in a translation of "Blues Fax: Devil's Slide" to add to Emmanuelle's article scan already posted. Click HERE to read Maike's translation of this article.

gear & endorsements >> sardinas signature model resonator (washburn es20)

From my Inbox:

Click for The Warpdrive Hookup!

Thanks for the Warpdrive hookup… I bought the Washburn ES20 resonator from them today - and did mention "Diva sent me" … got the strings, 2 capos and some thumb picks thrown in for free too… can't wait for the guitar… this will be my 3rd resonator… I have one all-acoustic, one cheap electric… maybe next Sardinas concert I could get him to autograph this guitar…

Rick Killian

Yo-yo, Rick!

I am so happy you got all those sweet extras from Warpdrive when you ordered your ES20! I think it's wonderful that they took such good care of you. [It pays to know The Diva!]

And YES! You MUST get Eric to autograph your new guitar. Maybe he'll even give an impromptu recital on it, like he did on
February 29th in Minneapolis, when he signed Dave's Lambert's reso

…That would be ultra-shibby!

Webmistress >> easter egg hunt

Somewhere amongst today's updates [HINT: Not on this page] is an 'Easter egg' -- a hidden picture that I took Saturday night, before I partied like it was 1985… Happy Hunting!



MARCH 11, 2004

This snake is gonna rattle


The Live Show/The Fans/

NANCY IN TEXAS' live pics >> 03-05-04 >> iron horse pub >> wichita falls, tx

UPDATE! Nancy FedExed me the disc with ALL of her pictures from Friday night's show… So, her gallery now runs 3 pages and a whopping 83 pictures!

Click HERE to visit Nancy's updated gallery.

Click to view Nancy's updated gallery.

The Band >> press & media

guitarist (france) >> february 2002 >> eric sardinas: crazy slide!

UPDATE! Emmanuelle C. has re-scanned Guitarist's (France) February 2002 4-page article/lesson "Eric Sardinas: Crazy Slide!" The new scans are excellent, so PC wallpaper in two sizes has been added to the article page.

Click HERE to view the article scans and new wallpaper.

Click to view ''Eric Sardinas: Crazy Slide''

JEANINE MURPHY'S money shot >> 02-24-04 >> dinosaur bbq >> syracuse, ny

From my Inbox:


Just forwarding a picture of myself, Jeanine Murphy, & Jodie Payne with Eric Sardinas @ the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse NY on February 24, 2004.

Your site is way cool Diva! Can't wait to see the band again!

Jeanine Murphy and Jodie Payne with Eric Sardinas

The Goods/The Fans >> mark slade's new ES20 & uk sardinas fan site!

From my Inbox:

Hi there

First let me give thanks for a great site

… I've been a Sardinas fan for about 2/3 years now since seeing him support Steve Vai here in the UK

I have also just ordered an ES20 from
warpdrive (as i play a fair bit of Eric's stuff on guitar, nowhere near as good tho lol)

I gave you a mention and sure enough I'm gonna be getting some strings FREE!!! much thanks to you :) just got the wait for shipping now and the Bill that UK customs are gonna hit me with on delivery!

anyway you have inspired me to set up a UK fan site

hope maybe we can work together to bring the music of Eric to these shores a little more ... he really doesn't get enough support and coverage over here!

I'll let you know when I've added more there's only a frontpage so far that needs work


Mark Slade

Wow! You're just bursting with good news, Mark. Congrats on ordering your ES20, and BIG congrats on your decision to start a UK Sardinas Fan Site! I've added a link to "The Fans" page. I can't wait to see what you do with your site… Keep me posted.  :)