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MARCH 15, 2004

The places you know, the friends that you owe


The Live Show/The Fans

Spring has sprung… All aboard for the European Tour!

It's times like these that I wish I spoke some foreign languages… The Eric Sardinas Spring 2004 European Tour kicks off on Thursday (Giovedì 18 Marzo) in Alcamo, Italy with the Blues in Action festival; and winds up in Bochum, Germany on Wednesday, April 7th (Mittwoch April 7) at Matrix.  Here are those tour dates:

… Now for the Call to Arms to all of you hardcore European Sardinas fans:

As you know, your American counterparts did a splendid job of documenting Eric Sardinas' recent tour of The States. Since the band is heading into your territory, we fans across-the-pond need you to do the same in the coming weeks.

Please email me and let me know what shows you hope to attend, and what goodies you plan to get while there for show-and-tell here on RP: live pictures, concert reviews, Money Shots, autographs, Eric-phernalia, etc.

I'll be watching my Inbox… Fill 'er up!

The Band/Press & Media

Click to View P.O.V.

drum! >> march/april 2004 >> P.O.V.

Drum! was on-hand for the Winter NAMM convention, and quizzed well-known drummers present regarding their influences, for the magazine's monthly "P.O.V." feature. Our own Mike Dupke is among the respondents. Click HERE to read his responses, and see the snapshot taken by drum! [SIDEBAR: This same issue's pick for "Vibe: Drummers Making a Difference" is Ed Graham of The Darkness (Oh, hell yeah!), so when you pick up the new issue, you'll be getting two rock gods for the price of one!]

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MARCH 17, 2004

Don't you know I just wanna fly all night?


The Fans/The Live Show/Dear Diva

from PAOLO >> milan, march 20

Davvero brava… bel sito… sei pure gnocca…

compliment's really great funny and pretty site… pretty like u…

I wish to see Mr. Sardinas… in milan saturday night… and I know he do the best blues show…

I read that u like darkness… i see they live one month ago… really great show…

have u ever listen to "the Jet"?



Saluti, Paolo, and thank you for the kind compliments on my site (and me, you sweet-talker, you)!

So, you are going to see Eric Sardinas at The Giants of Guitar event Saturday at Blues House in Milan? I know you will have a fabulous time... The band puts on a not-to-be-missed live show! I do hope that you get some good stuff at the concert, and I will be ever-so-grateful if you choose to share it with other ES fans (myself included) on RP.

Yes, you are right on-target, I adore The Darkness! You are so lucky to have already seen them perform live. They did play a few dates here in The States, but long before I ever heard of them. (I didn't find out about them until November of last year.) Their sold-out U.S. Tour starts later this month, but I have to wait until mid-April to see them for the first time (if I can get my mitts on some tickets, that is!). They've saved the best -- Southern California and me, LOL -- for last.

… God, I can't wait! I have to see this band live! It is a musical imperative!

As for Jet, I found out about them the same night that I learned of The Darkness. I like them, too… but The Darkness are in a class all by themselves. There's no one like them, and they are definitely my favorite new band -- hands (and panties… Bwahaha!) down.

Anyway, thank you for writing me, and I look forward to hearing all about your exploits on Saturday night!

from MAIKE >> hannover, april 3 & hamburg, april 7

Hi Tammy!

I can't wait to see Eric in April! I plan to go to two shows: In Hannover on the third and in Hamburg on the sixth of April. That will be the sixth/seventh time that I see Eric but I'm still excited like a little child!

You asked what goodies we planned to bring home from the shows? Tons of photos, autographs… Who knows? I already have a pearl from one of Eric's necklaces, which I picked it up when the necklace broke and a bottle from Paul, which he gave to me after a show last year. Quite ridiculous to keep it, but I'm a crazy fan, y'know?
[I DO!]

Last year the band had rented a great white limousine like those that are used for weddings and they got lost in Hannover, as Paul told me and it took more than two hours until they found the club where they were supposed to play…

Let's see what funny stories they have to tell this time.

Bye, Maike

Loved this email… Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT! And I'm grooving on your reminiscences of last year's show like a big dog! 

I can't wait to see all your goodies from Hannover and Hamburg!  Thanks, Maike!

from TOMCAT >> memphis in may: beale street festival, may 1

Dear Tammy,

Hello again, TomcaT here! we were just curious about the dates for
the memphis festival you have on your site. Annette and I have been thinking about a vacation and would like to catch some of Eric's shows, however we just can't plan anything until they are confirmed. any info you have would be helpful, thanks!!

Keep in touch!!!

Charles A. Thompson

Hiya, TomcaT…

Although that date is not a lock on
The Official Site, it looks pretty solid to me. Click HERE to see what I mean:

memphis in may: beale street festival >> schedule >> HTML | PDF

… And HERE is ticketing information… Go, go, go!   >:)

The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> es pollstar artist itinerary UPDATED!

While we're on the subject of unconfirmed tour dates… Pollstar has updated their Eric Sardinas Artist Itinerary to include the Memphis in May Beale Street Festival (May 1), a tour of Hawaii (May 13-16), and Omaha and Quebec City in July:

Click HERE to visit Pollstar's updated Eric Sardinas Artist Itinerary.

Click HERE for RP's Current Tour Dates.

Click HERE to visit Eric Sardinas' Official Site's tourdates pages.