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MARCH 23, 2004 - Italy in My Inbox

The Live Show/The Fans

GABRIELE P's live pictures >> 03-20-2004 >> blues house >> milan, italy

Subject: my pics of eric sardinas

Dear DIVA,

WWW.GPBLUESBOY.IT where you find picture SARDINAS's Pics of Concert in Milano 20/03/2004.

I hope you enjoy it...and place my web in your

If you want use my pics download from my web and use it.

ERIC SARDINAS is the best!!!

Bye Bye From Milano Italy


GPbluesboy...il fotografo del BLUES



Great pics, Gabriele… and thank you for taking them, and sharing them! I've added your site to the external links database on The Live Show page, and I'll post your email on The Latest with the next RP site update, too.  :)

07-19-2003 >> atri green hills in blues festival >> treamo, italy

Subject: Eric live in atri 19 july 2003


Your website is great!! So rich of news and photo and info.... SO COOL! I saw Eric the past year at "Green hills in blues festival" and the photo are taken from the website (
www.ghblues.it): picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3 | picture 4

So... It was wonderful!!!! Sorry for my English so unperfect! ;-)

Congratulations for the site!!




Hi, Claudio, and thanks for the link to the festival site. I will add it to The Live Show page, and mention in on the next RP site update.

By the way, are you in either of the two pictures of fans with Eric Sardinas? Let me know…  :)

PS: Your English is fine!


MAURO P's live pictures >> 03-20-2004 >> blues house >> milan, italy

                       07-20-2003 >> lario jazz & blues festival >> como, italy


Hi Tammy,

I'm Mauro from Italy, Milan… and I'm a very very fan of Eric Sardinas. Only in these days I've found your site and… well… my compliments to you…

I've seen Eric for the first time in 2001 during the Steve Vai's tour...and since 2001, I've seen Eric 4 four time, two with Vai's shows and other two during solo tour of Eric: 20 July Como at Lario & Jazz Blues Festival and two days ago, at the Blues House in Milan.…

Well...I've some photos (of Eric, me &Eric, and some signed cd) of the two shows and some videos of the latest shows in Milano...the videos, very very beautiful, not in particular for the quality (I've taken them with a small digital camera), but for the moment of the show… I was very near of the stage.

How can I send u the material for your site?? I would that u can up load on your site… All photos and videos are around 150 MB…

Let me know… and blues 4ever!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: Sorry 4 my english… I know, it's not very good :-))

See ya… Mauro


Hi, Mauro, and thanks for writing me. :)

If you'd like to upload your files directly onto my server, I can send you FTP instructions. It is very simple, you just copy the files from your computer (or discs) using Windows Explorer, then paste the files onto my server using Internet Explorer.

Would you like to try that? If so, I will set up a folder for you, with two subfolders -- one for each show that you have files related to.

Please let me know, and thanks again for writing me… :)

PS: Your English is fine!

BILLIEJOEX's live pictures >> 03-20-2004 >> blues house >> milan, italy

Subject: eric's share

hi girl! compliments 4 your site!

i'm just arrived from eric's concert here in milan (italy). i'm still shocked!!! he's an alien!!! he's supernatural, unbelievable… i got no words… LOL

listen. do u know if there's a place (dc hub, some server, anything…) where there's people who share eric's stuff like live concert, video, interviews etc??? i'm searching for it but i can't find anything except some little videos on dc hub dedicated at guitar. can you help me plz?

(I can send you the photo of this eric's concert in jpeg :-) )

bye girl!


Hi, BillieJoeX, and thanks for your email... :)

It sounds like you had a wonderful time tonight; and yes, Eric is definitely not of this Earth!

Now, about your question... I assume by a dc hub, you mean some sort of direct-connect or peer-to-peer file-sharing setup. I don't know of any that are devoted strictly to Eric Sardinas… There are some short video clips and audio clips linked on
The Live Show page on RP, but no full-length concerts or interviews… If I hear of something like what you are looking for, I will most definitely let you know, though…

Speaking of which, can you give me links to the stuff you have found?

Lastly, please do send me your photos from the concert! You can either
email them to me a few at a time (full resolution is best, if possible), or I can set you up to FTP the files directly onto my server. Just let me know which way you prefer to do it.

I'll be watching my inbox, and thanks again for writing me, and for being willing to share your pics of the show. You rock!

The Fans >> rock the vote!

Subject: Just found this! LOL LOL LOL

Dear Tammy,

I came upon this by accident! LOL!
VOTE FOR ERIC! Hunk of the Month contest! I think we can over-take David Boreanaz!!



The Band >> gear & endorsements >> sardinas signature resonator (washburn es20)

UPDATE! Warpdrive Music has sweetened their special offer for RP visitors who purchase the Washburn ES20… Tell them The Diva sent you, and you'll get a set of Gibson Dobro strings AND an Eric Sardinas' Signature Preachin' Pipe Slide… FREE!

Click HERE for all the details of The Warpdrive Hook-up.

MARCH 29, 2004

Where the good times gone? (attribution)

***This sucks. I'm bored. Somebody do something INTERESTING!***

MARCH 30, 2004

The Bobo Has Landed!

Buy 'Bobo'! The Diva Has Spoken!