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From BARBARA PAYNE re: 05-04-2004 >> generations >> st. louis, mo

From my Inbox:


Are you out there? Come on now, I know you went to see
Eric the 23 and 24!! Where's the pictures?? I'm going Tuesday May 4th to Generations in St. Louis to see him -- CANT WAIT!! I'll get back with you next week sometime and let you know how the concert went…

Luv Ya

Barbara Payne

From SUE L. re: 05-08-2004 >> oklahoma blues festival >> tulsa, ok

From my Inbox:

Hi Tammy,

We are heading this weekend to Oklahoma where we will see Eric, Paul and Mike perform at the Oklahoma Blues Festival. My brother lives in Oklahoma and I am very anxious for him to enjoy the sounds of Eric Sardinas. I am certain the performance will be the highlight of the trip… we are never disappointed… we have come to "Expect Perfection"!! I will send pictures.

Best regards,


MAY 6, 2004

You put me on the floor with a ten count


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my live pics >> 04-23-2004 >> cozy's >> sherman oaks, ca

   1 Eric Sardinas

+ 1 Paul Loranger

+ 1 Mike Dupke

+ 1 Billy Sheehan

+ 1 hp photosmart 320

+ 1 pitcher piña coladas

  42 live pics from Cozy's

MARK HALL's live pics >> 05-01-2004 >> beale street festival >> memphis, tn

From my Inbox:

Had a great time in Memphis, particularly in the tent with Eric. As I type, he's a few miles from my house here in St. Louis right now, playing at Generations. Small world…

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The promos are already in rotation (just saw one). I don't know if the encore featuring Eric will be included among the "select performances," but hey… It's Steve F'n Vai, so you can't go wrong. Watch anyway (unless you're in Northern California, in which case you should record it while you're at the Kelseyville show)… The Diva has spoken!

The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> 05-22-04 >> blue cafe >> long beach, ca

From The Guestbook:

from:          Sam Sasso

date:          Thursday 6 May 2004

comment:  Hey my blues band is opening for Eric Sardinas on the 22nd of May 2004 @ the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. Everyone should come down and check it out.

From my Inbox:

We're called Sam Sasso and Kettle Black, 19 year old lead singer lead guitarist.


MAY 8, 2004

Still my bleeding heart



From Steve Vai's Official Site, vai.com:

Steve Vai

Live At The Astoria London

VH-1 Classic

May 21st - 9PM ET

VH-1 Classic will be premiering a one hour special featuring select performances from Steve's Live At The Astoria London DVD on Friday, May 21st at 9 pm. VH-1 will begin airing promos for the concert a week before the show - so keep an eye out for them! VH-1 Classic is available for digital cable subscribers in the USA.

Click to Visit Steve Vai's Official Site

MAY 13, 2004

Child, I ain't passed the bar, but I know a little bit


The Live Show

tour dates >> current >> UPDATE! long beach's out, san fran's in

from SUE L. re: 05-08-2004 >> oklahoma blues festival >> tulsa, ok

From my Inbox:

Hi Tammy,

The Tulsa Blues Festival was fabulous! Eric Sardinas and crew were excellent! I heard many comments like "incredible", "amazing", "sexy"!!! My husband and I were so pleased that Eric, Paul and Mike recognized that we were a long way from home and thanked us for being there and supporting them.

I took a few pictures as did my brother and a couple friends - as soon as they send them to me, I will get them to you.


from SHARI re: 05-12-2004 >> war memorial theater >> kauai, hi

From my Inbox:

Hey Tammy,

I love your site... I'm going to see Eric at a Bluesfest on Kauai--well, I live here and don't really get to see much shows.

So this will be a great night--for me and the other live music hungry orcs. (Yes, I'm a LOTR fan) I like your sense of humor--kinda like me--although I'm not a red-headed kind of gal.

Keep updating the website…



from JEAN-MARC re: 07-28-2004 >> blue balls festival >> lucerne, switzerland

From my Inbox:

hi diva!!

Lots of thanks for your amazing site.

I'm a french fan. I will see eric and his band on Luzern, switzerland in july. I will send you pictures, sure.



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