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APRIL 23, 2004

And we'll fly, and we'll fall, and we'll burn


The Live Show

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The Fans

Big heapin' helpin's o' live pics from The Fans:

MAIKE's live pictures >> 04-06-2004 >> fabrik >> hamburg, germany

Maike has sent in another batch of pictures, this time from Fabrik in Hamburg… Pic count: 20, TDOF Pics: 2. [Gotta love that!]

Click HERE to view Maike's Hamburg gallery.

KRUNO's live pictures >> 03-26-2004 >> SKUC pauk club >> zagreb, croatia

Krunoslav Markutovic has sent in his pictures from the Zagreb show. Included are four live pics, and -- that's right -- The Money Shot!

Click HERE to view Kruno's gallery, then check out his additions to the Guestbook and VTP.

FRANCO STANZANI's live pictures >> 04-02-2004 >> underground >> köln, germany

Franco has sent in his pictures from Underground in Koln, Germany. His gallery includes 57 live pics, and one Getting Signed shot -- Franco's autographed Black Pearls CD, and that night's beer bottle slide! [What the heck brand of beer is that, anyway?]

Click HERE to view Franco's gallery.

Tour Dates >> current >> UPDATED!

Click to View Maike's Gallery
Click to View Franco Stanzani's Gallery