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MAY 14, 2004

Goody, goody… another commotion


The Live Show / The Fans

SUE L.'s live pics >> 05-08-2004 >> oklahoma blues festival >> tulsa, ok

From my Inbox:

Hi Tammy,

These are just a few of the pictures from the Tulsa Blues Festival:

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Click to view Scott Allen & Jen Taylor's live pictures

The Live Show / The Band >> press & media

blueswax >> issue 183 - may 13, 2004 >> beale street music festival

Justin Crafton has sent in Blueswax' review and pictures from the recent Beale Street Music Festival. [Good eye, Justin!]

EXCERPT: Eric tore it up, displaying his considerable chops on his electric dobros, before actually lighting one of his axes on fire. Think Johnny Winter meets Steve Vai and you'll have a good idea what Sardinas is all about. It's really something else to hear such deep Country Blues played with so much raw power and energy…

[Click HERE to read the complete article; click the gallery below to view the live pics. There are 10 pictures, just click "Next" until you've viewed them all.]

As always, Eric Sardinas gave an excellent performance. His voice is like suede - thick and smooth; Mike Dupke's drum solo was exceptional as was Paul's bass talent. The meld of all three is as though they came from the same womb, each have the rare combination of being accomplished musicians and possess a delightful and genuine persona. The folks around us were making comments like "amazing" and "unbelievable"… as the performance continued the excitement grew, Sardinas came off the stage, cruised through the crowd… walking atop chairs while continuing to play. He certainly is a pleaser… it is obvious that he loves his fans! He appeals to all one's senses, you leave a performance fulfilled yet longing for more.

After the performance all three were available to sign autographs on whatever you asked them to sign, I saw a few girls with autographed skin. I was thrilled that they recognized that we had come a long way to enjoy their performance… I was greeted with smiles and a hug! What could be better?!

[Good heavens, Sue… Think of who you're writing to! Don't ask a rhetorical question like that, or I just might answer it!  >:)  ]

We can't wait for another Springfield, MA appearance!

(Photo 0287 - Tom met some new friends…Sardinas fans are hard to beat!)

More photos will follow.

Best regards,


[Click HERE to view (the beginnings of) Sue's live gallery… MORE TO COME!]

JUNE 1, 2004

Spain in My Inbox, Courtesy of Joaquín and Juanmi!

The Live Show / The Fans >> 05-29-2004 >> club bugatti >> alicante, spain

JOAQUÍN AGÜERA's live pics

From my Inbox:

hi there diva !

Yesterday night I saw Eric's show for the third time, now in Alicante, Spain, at the Bugatti Club.

This time I had the chance to see the band just half meter away from me. The show was amazing, as always, very similar to the one I saw last year in San Javier. At the end of the show I met the band, and all them kindly signed me on my PDA, very cool as Mike reported.

Here is an advance of the pics I took, more coming soon !

Hope you like it, cheers from Spain !

Joaquín Agüera.

PD.: You can publish
my address, no problem with that…

JUANMI's live pics

From my Inbox:

Dear Tammy,

I was in the shows of Benidorm and Alicante. The show of Alicante was absolutely amazing, the show that I've most enjoyed of Eric, I took 32 photos at one metre of Eric!!!! but not with a digital camera, so I have to scan them to send them to you. Next weekend I will have all photos in jpg. ok? see you on next sunday.



Hi Tammy,

I already have all photos ready to be sent to you. Here you have one:

They are great.

Tell me where do you want that I send the photos, maybe your yahoo section?

Keepin' the blues alive!!


Juanmi: 1) you've got mail, and 2) you're a tease!  :)