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Tammy, I send you 23 pictures, I hope that you received all of them. Sorry for all these mail!!!

See you soon!

Click HERE to view Jean-Marc's gallery, including two Counterfeit Money Shots… a site first (and second)! Click HERE to view the festival program.

Click to view Jean-Marc's gallery

Click HERE to view Massimiliano's silent movie clip, live gallery, and Money Shot two-fer!

AUGUST 16, 2004

In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls


The Live Show / The Fans

JEAN-MARC LACARRIERE's live pics >> 07-28-2004 >> blue balls festival >> luzerne, switzerland

From my Inbox:

PAOLA RUTIGLIANO's live pics >> 07-31-2004 >> nistoc festival >> brescia, italy

From my Inbox:

Dear Tammy,

Here are some pictures taken last Saturday by me and my friend Antonio. It was an amazing concert as usual.

Take care,


Click HERE to view Paola's gallery, complete with Money Shot!

Click to view Paola's gallery

AUGUST 17, 2004

Spill champagne on her neck



The Live Show / The Fans

MASSIMILIANO LUCARELLI's live pics & silent movie clip >> 08-07-2004 >> lario jazz & blues >> como, italy

From my Inbox:

Hi, my name is Massimiliano (surname: Lucarelli).

I've seen the concert in "Olgiate comasco" Italy on August 7, 2004 --- Lario Jazz & blues Festival… I'll send a lot pics, and a 15 sec movie (no audio) from the concert..... Eric slide with bud bottle :) you need quicktime.

I'm waiting to be online in your beautiful web site. Please confirm to me you have received this mail… thanks.

Best regards & "god save the blues"


Massimiliano Lucarelli

Click to view Massimiliano's Live Pics

AUGUST 22, 2004

Every time, the same dream


The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> UPDATED FALL 2004 TOUR DATES


Something's Gotta Burn


The Live Show >> The Fans >>

SARAH OBERDICK's & DEBBIE RALEIGH's show review and live pictures >>

8-28-2004 >> community roots festival >> paola, kansas

From my Inbox:

Hello! My name is Sarah Oberdick and I just saw Eric Sardinas in Paola, KS for the third time! I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and have seen him here 2 times at the Oklahoma Blues fest, so when we got to the Roots festival in KS, I was sure we would just sit behind a gate or fence, so to my surprise when we got there, we were RIGHT in front of the stage!!!!!! When Eric came out to play I was touching the stage and happily watched his every move! He came right up to me while he was playing and I touched his soft sweaty hand while he was playing! The electricity that came off him was electric! (DUH!) I continued to watch in amazement and then he does his signature Beer bottle slide bit, and spewed all over us in the front row, and then, he walked over to me and HANDED me the bottle!!!!!!! I almost passed out! So the rest of the show was a blur, and then when he was done, we tracked him down, and took some PICS, and he signed my bottle! He is sooo polite and he really cares about his fans! You can tell when he is on stage that he feeds off of us (his fans)! I love you Eric Sardinas never stop doing the voodoo that you do!!!!!!!!

Sarah Oberdick with Eric Sardinas
Something's Gotta Burn

I hope you post my pics and story on your sight! My Mom in law is Debbie Raleigh, she is crazy about Eric's drummer! We had a blast! She got her boob signed by him! Thanks!

Must-See DirecTV FreeView Event >> Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Montreux

From DirecTV:

Showing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September on channel 103, a classic 1985 performance captured at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland -- never before shown on TV -- reveals Stevie Ray Vaughan in rare blues-scorching form. He performs many of his classic songs with his band Double Trouble, such as "Texas Flood" and "Couldn't Stand the Weather." Show also includes interview and retrospective footage.

From SonyMusic:

By the summer of 1982, Stevie Ray Vaughan was already a veteran of the Southern blues circuit. Desperately searching for his big break, he was asked to play "Blues Night" at the annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland… Three years later, when Stevie was invited back to headline "Blues Night" at the festival, the crowd, now familiar with Stevie's songs and albums treated him like the conquering hero. And Stevie again played like his life depended on it - because, as we all came to recognize and respect, that was the only way he knew how.

SRV Live at Montreux, Now on DVD!