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JULY 3, 2004

You watch this space, but I'm going all the way


The Band >> press & media >> ERIC FEATURED IN TV AD CAMPAIGN!

milwaukee journal sentinel >> 07-02-2004 >> huber brewing makes 'big leap' into tv ads

EXCERPT: Huber is spending $500,000 for production and airing of the two spots, which debuted this week in the Madison and Chicago areas… Neither ad has dialogue. Each spot features a blues musician. Eric Sardinas, a Los Angeles slide-guitar artist, and Chicago's Billy Branch, a harmonica player, are seen jamming on their instruments with a Berghoff beer as part of the act… [Read the complete article HERE. Click on any thumbnail below to view its associated Quicktime video. Windows users: right-click and choose 'Save Target As' to archive a copy on your hard drive.]

The Live Show / The Fans >> UPDATED GALLERIES!

internal >>

SUE L.'s live pics >> 05-08-2004 >> oklahoma blues festival >> tulsa, ok

JUANMI's live pics >> 05-29-2004 >> club bugatti >> alicante, spain

external >>

VEDRAN JAKOVAC's live pics >> 03-26-2004 >> SKUC/pauk >> zagreb, croatia

The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> UPDATED OFFICIAL DATES!

Eric Sardinas Slide Spot
Eric Sardinas & Billy Branch Jam
Eric Sardinas & Billy Branch Behind the Scenes
Billy Branch Stomp Spot


30 seconds

1.8 MB



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30 seconds

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The Fans >> getting signed >> page 3 >> NEW PICS, NEW PAGE!

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The Fans >> i'm with the band >> page 7

jen & katie >> 7-17-04 >> comstock rock >> comstock, ne

The Sounds / The Band >> press & media

young guitar >> dvd mag vol. 4 >> super virtuosity

The Live Show >> external galleries

04-02-03 >> logo >> hamburg, germany

JULY 20, 2004

The ones I found to make a fire


Jen & Katie with The Band

AUGUST 6, 2004

6-foot-4, and not an ounce of fat!


The Live Show / The Fans

RON CHRISTENSEN's show review >> 07-14-2004 >> back alley blues >> marshalltown, ia

Originally published via the Dobro of Fire YahooGroup:

EXCERPT: The only time the dobro caught fire was while Eric was playing, I think the size and low ceilings of the venue prohibited him from actually lighting up his guitar… An amazing show and I hope that one day we will hear Eric with the same frequency and admiration that SRV had. When he died SRV was definitely influencing music in a positive direction. I think Eric Sardinas can do the same… [Read the complete review HERE.]

JEAN-MARC LACARRIERE's show review >> 07-28-2004 >> blue balls festival >> luzerne, switzerland

From my Inbox:

EXCERPT (French): Quel show extraordinaire!! Eric et son groupe étaient vraiment en forme ce soir là!! Pour la deuxième fois éric participe au "blue balls festival" aussi afin de remercier les gens qui s' étaient déplacé lors de la première participation du groupe, éric a vraiment mis le feu!!!

(English, I hope): What an extraordinary show!! Eric and his group really made our evening here!! For the second time, Eric took part in the "Blue Balls Festival," and to thank the people who were so moved the first time the group played, Eric really brought the fire!!! [Read the complete review and attempted translation HERE.]

BILLYJOEX's show review >> 07-31-2004 >> nistoc festival >> brescia, italy

From my Inbox:

EXCERPT: Oh, girl… You can understand how I felt yesterday, what it means to see Eric Sardinas in concert, what it means to look at those hands that are so fast and sure on the strings, what it means to watch that guy play guitar like a hurricane -- in a dirty yet extremely refined way at the same time, what it means to watch this alien that will go down in the history of the music as one of the greatest. [Read the complete review HERE.]

The Fans >> i'm with the band >> page 7 >> LAURA VENDETTI'S money shots!

miscellaneous, extraneous, and other unidentified flying stuff…


Dear Tammy,

While searching www.metal-sludge.com's GOSSIP BOARD for the rumor about Snake Sabo filling in for C.C. DeVille, I came across THIS… ENJOY!!


Justin Crafton


I swear, I can't get away with anything! Yes, I received your emails… and even though I didn't publish an update on August 1st, I did celebrate RP's one-year anniversary. How, you ask? Well, I went right out and bought myself a chain mail bikini… Okay, two. Then I put one on. After that, everything gets kinda blurry. I'm pretty sure I had a good time, though. So…

Better late than never… Happy Anniversary!