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OCTOBER 19, 2004

I'm just looking, I'm not buying



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From my Inbox:


I'm sending you some pictures my son Joey took from the OK Blues Festivals 2002, 2003 and 2004:

05-03-2002 | 05-03-2003 | 05-08-2004 >> oklahoma blues  festival >> tulsa, ok

I made an 8x10 of the 2002-2 one and got it signed in Kansas. I liked how his lips were puckered up. We scanned these from photos, too.




I had the best weekend ever. It started with going to see Eric at the Voodoo Room in Tulsa:

10-08-2004 >> the voodoo room>> tulsa, ok

We arrived early enough to get a table up front. He really has a way of drawing you under his spell. My son Joey recorded most of the show. I especially wanted him to get "Down in the Bottom." It just wouldn't be the same without the beer bottle slide and Mike's drum solo. I made sure I got the bottle this time and got him to sign it. Unfortunately, the night came to an end after getting autographs and a few more pics.

I was still on a high the next day as I was getting my pictures developed. I checked the website to see where they were playing Saturday night. They were playing in Wichita Falls Texas that was only a 4 hour drive. I called my friend Liz, and before I knew, it we were on our way to Texas. It rained most of the way there. I must be a devoted fan. They played at a club called the Iron Horse Pub:

10-09-2004 >> iron horse pub >> wichita falls, tx

It was another fantastic night. Eric handed me his guitar string on the last song and I got one of Mike's drumsticks signed.

Eric, Mike and Paul have got to be some of best musicians out there. I just don't understand why they aren't the headliners instead of the opening band. I'm sure their time is coming and I will always be a faithful fan.

I hope you like the pictures.


TAMI's mini-review >> 10-16-2004 >> harvest moon blues festival >> lawrenceville, ga

From the Guestbook:

Hello Tammy and all you Eric fans. I'm still floating on cloud 9 after this weekend. I want to share it with you guys because I know you will appreciate it! I went to see Eric at the Harvest Moon Blues Festival in Georgia. This was the 4th time I've seen him. His show was just amazing as usual. To my surprise we were allowed to take video cameras to this festival so I recorded several of his songs. It was so very hard to just stand completely still (no tripods allowed) and record the whole time so I didn't film the whole show. My boyfriend got to do an interview with him after the show and I actually got to go on his bus!!!! :) He remembered meeting me before. He is so humble and seems to be such a nice person. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing Eric Sardinas!!! I hope he comes to your town soon!


JUSTIN CRAFTON's live pictures >> 10-10-2004 >> tequilaz >> salina, ks

From my Inbox:

Dear Tammy,

Hey! Below will be my review as well as a few pics until I have time to have you walk me through the process of giving ya all the pics! Thanks for everythang!!




This past week has been kinda like living the blues, but at last night's Eric Sardinas concert it was all about enjoying THE BLUES, and enjoy myself I did! I was joined once again by Chris, as well as my Tattoo Artist Art and his protégé, Lee!! Not only did those fine folks attend, but unexpectedly, so did my pal Chewy and his close friend Jesse as well!! I also met a LADY from Wichita named Sunny… thanks for the laughs, Sunny!!

The show kicked off just after 7:45 pm to a crowd of maybe 100!!! Set regulars such as "I Can't Be Satisfied," "I'm Worried," "Imperial Strut," "Flames Of Love" and "Get Along Rider" were mixed in with tunes I had yet to hear in the four shows I've seen of Eric & Co.!! The club lit the bar on fire for Eric to walk through while playing some down n' nasty blues… topping it off later with the infamous BudSlide that culminated in Eric busting a string… Thanks for that said string as well as the finger pick! Eric came back out and did the encore consisting of "Treat Me Right!"

The band and many of us made a quick bus ride off to Brown Nosed Kate's for an afterparty like none other!! Dupke and I did a Rum toast to the single life! But the best part of last night was Eric and the PRIVATE conversation we had… He is truly {as well as Mikey & Paul!!!!} a caring, warm, and wonderful Human Being!! I WANT TO THANK ERIC FOR EVERYTHING LAST NIGHT!! Mikey and I enjoyed finding gems on the digital jukebox such L.U.V. by John Mellencamp!! Paul kept us all entertained with his special brand of pyrotechnics!! A fun time was had by all… and I wanna thank Eric, Mikey, Paul, and Snoopy for one of the best nights of my life!!!

Cheers & A Toast…