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DECEMBER 14, 2004

Losing myself to the drug of the city lights


The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> UPDATED 2004/2005 TOUR DATES

* Dates in PURPLE are per Pollstar, and not confirmed on The Official Site.

From my Inbox:

The Band >> current lineup >> drummer mike dupke departing band

Dear Tammy,

I am writing to let you know that, for personal reasons, I am parting ways with Eric. The time has come for me to pursue other musical options. Many thanks also go out to the number of fans and friends that have been made since I have been with the group.

I wish Eric continued success in 2005 and beyond. Here's hoping that I will see a familiar face or two as my new musical ocean machine takes shape.

Cheers, and thanks again,

Mike Dupke

(PS: If anyone wishes to contact me, feel free to write at MyColdUpKey@aol.com.)

The Sounds >> appears on >> compact discs >> guitar world winter 2000 cd sampler

Each of the 18 artists have a one page bio w/ pic of themselves or cd cover that the certain track comes from, some artists have both the cd cover and a pic!! I've scanned the Eric Sardinas page, cd, back tray insert, and a little card that came with it about a production error!!


Justin Crafton

The Live Show/The Fans >> concert reviews, tour pictures, clips >> internal galleries

LISA ROWLEY's show review >> 07-28-2004 >> blue balls festival >> luzerne, swi

MAGGIE's live pic & poem >> 04-18-2003 >> blues festival >> byron bay, australia

Hello there, at last I have found people who are as devoted to the Mojo man as I am. I saw Eric 4 times at Byron and held his hand while telling him how profoundly his music had affected (or is that infected?) me. What a delightful man he is!
I have been responsible for turning many Australians on to our boys. Following the Byron experience I wrote a poem and also took a fabulous photo, so I will include both.

Yours in total adoration of The Man,



ALBERT's live pics >> 08-16-2004 >> la boîte >> barcelona, spain

Hi there Tammy…

This is Albert, from Barcelona (Spain) and I'm pleased to enclose a few pictures from the concert Eric gave in a spot called La Boîte last august the 16th… including my particular Money Shot…

Best wishes…


LUKE JACKSON's collage >> 08-28-2004 >> community roots festival >> paola, ks

I tried emailing a copy of this collage but i dont think it worked so heres another. if you would like to post it, its from the paola, kansas show.



LISA ROWLEY's show review >> 09-18-2004 >> doheny blues >> dana point, ca

SAM's live pics & clips >> 10-27-2004 >> bamboo room >> lake worth, fl

Hey, My name is Sam from Coral Springs FL. Oct. 27th was me and my family's second time to see Eric live. The first time was in NY at the Tribeca Rock Club in NYC back in February (we moved to FL about 2 months ago). Although Eric and his band rocked both times, I felt this show was far as venue was much better, and Eric didn't suffer any technical glitches like last time. This time, however I was sure to get some money shots in! I have enclosed a hyperlink to my webshots page (you can put the pics on your site if you want), plus a link to 2 Sardinas video clips:



EDITH WAJSWASSER's live pics >> 11-13-2004 >> healey's >> toronto, ont &

EDITH WAJSWASSER's show review >> 11-13-2004 >> healey's >> toronto, ont

The Live Show/The Fans >> concert reviews, tour pictures, clips >> external galleries

ALIEN ED's live pics >> 11-18-2004 >> tribeca rock club >> new york, ny

Dear Diva: I thought you might like to know that I added 3 more Eric Sardinas fans to the list. These photos were taken on 11/18/04 at Tribeca Rock Club in NYC. I took my girlfriend to see him and a couple of other people as well… I told her I would "eat a bug, if this wasn't the best show she has ever seen."… I think she agreed… She's the blonde hottie posing with all the band members… After the show Eric himself invited my crew out for drinks!!!… I was like not only yes but "HELL YES!"… We drank shots at the Racoon Tail down the road. Mike and Paul and John Sepetys where there partying it up like rock stars!… I want to thank John Sepetys, Mike Dupke, Paul Loranger Eric Sardinas and my peeps for an incredible evening!… Here are some links you can use for the I'm with the band segment:







The girl in cowboy hat is my "girlfriend" Angie, the tall skinny guy is Iron Mike, The little Asian girl is Hani, the shorter guy is Tyler. Thanks soooooo much… It was a night to remember… Eric sat at the bar and shaped my girlfriends cowboy hat… and bought us shots… I thought I was in some kinda cool dream… it was soooo fun!

Thanks as always



The Fans >> getting signed >> page 3 >> debbie raleigh's tour t

The Fans >> i'm with the band >> page 8 >> updated money shots

The Fans >> love online >> mandë's eric sardinas message board

Eric Sardinas - Home

I am still waiting on my friend to do the graphic, but here's a message board where Eric Sardinas fans can interact and chat with each other. you can go ahead and link it from your site if you want :)

Thanks again :)


DECEMBER 15, 2004

If she wants leather, then give her feathers


The Live Show >> tour dates >> 2005 >> opening for vai dates added (per pollstar)

* Dates in PURPLE are per Pollstar, and not confirmed on The Official Site.

* Opening for Steve Vai dates in RED are per Pollstar, and not confirmed on The Official Site.