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JANUARY 13, 2006

There's life in the old dog yet, honey!


The Live Show >> tour dates >> current >> UNCONFIRMED DATES from the net

Posted by Rick Booth on Intrepid Artists Forum

"I believe Eric wants to concentrate on working on a new CD for most of Dec and Jan. He will probably do some west coast plays in Feb but again, nothing definite. He will be overseas for most of March and early April. I would expect a heavy touring schedule for the summer months in the states."

Ask The Diva

Q.  Where in the world is Paul Loranger?

Hi Diva,

I'm a big Paul Loranger fan, and I really miss seeing him play.  Do you know anything about what he's been doing since he left the band?  I'd love to know.



A.  Paul Loranger playing with Adrian Galysh in Tin Horn Flats Allstars

Hi, Misty...

The last I heard (December 18th), Paul is playing a regular Tuesday night gig in Burbank, California with Tin Horn Flats Allstars.  Here's that email:

From: AGalysh@aol.com

Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2005 2:57 PM

Subject: Holiday Blues

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday Dec. 20, 8:30-10:30 pm, I will be playing some blues at the
Tin Horn Flats. The Tin Horn Flats is located on 2623 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA.

This is a regular thing...The band is called the
Tin Horn Flats Allstars and features Paul Loranger (Eric Sardinas) on bass, Rick Elliot (Walter Trout) on drums, and Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) on vocals and guitar, and myself, Adrian Galysh, on guitar.

There is NO COVER, the food is great, its ladies night, its steak night, so come on down and hear some great blues and rock! You never know who might show up and sit in on a couple numbers…

Hope to see you there,

Adrian Galysh

PS: If you don't already have my latest CD,
King Friday, or if you are looking for that perfect gift...lol, check out www.adriangalysh.com to order it online!

Hope this helps…

Q.  Where in the world is Mike Dupke?

To the Mistress,

I have been an Eric Sardinas fan since I saw them play at the Tulsa Blues Festival 2002. I was there working the merchandise booth for my buddy Rev. Billy C. Wirtz. They were on fire that night. I met them and they were really cool. So, what happened to Dupke? I've been looking for any other bands he might be working with, but have come up empty-handed. If you have any inside info on what Mike is doing now, send it on, as I am also a big fan of his. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in to keep fans connected.


Hillary G.

A.  Mike Dupke = 'Nail' of Jugulur

Hello, Hillary...

As far as I can tell, Mike Dupke has changed his stage name to 'Nail' and is now drumming for Pantera sound-alikes Jugulur. They released a 6-song demo (Planet Dead) three years ago, but nothing new since, and there are no signs of them touring either (as far as I can tell).   Here is their website:



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